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PresentationHumpback Whale Polina Korchinskaya Female SizeThe male size is smaller than the female size. The male only has the length around 40 to 48, while the female has the length around 45 to 50 feet. DietTo live longer, the animals have to eat. Do you know the main diet of humpback whales? They like eating small fish, shrimp like animals, and krill. In a day, they can eat 1.5 tons of food. Acrobatic AnimalSeeing the humpback whales with some acrobatic activities on the ocean is a very magnificent view. The animals can reach their weight out of the water to have an acrobatic movement. Unique SongHumpback whale has a unique song to sing. It is very complex to understand. But the sound that the animal sings with the population is special. The song is learned from each other in the population. Thus, it is not inborn. TongaIf you want to know the humpback whale, you can visit Tonga. This tropical region is the place where the humpback whales breeds and cares their newly born humpback whale. You can take picture of them by swimming closely to the animal. Ensure that you will never make them feel threatened. Scientific NameHumpback whales have the scientific name of Megaptera novaeangliae. The font part of the body is equipped with a different hump. It has the long flippers and knobbly protuberances. Coastal Waters of New ZealandIf you want enjoy the look of humpback whales, you can go to the coastal waters of New Zealand. The animals are considered as the frequent visitors when they want to migrate on the tropical water. Season Of MigrationWhen the spring time comes, they like living in west coast. During the winter time, the east coast and Cook Strait will be the place for living. Endangered SpeciesThe population of humpback whales located in Oceania is considered as endangered.

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