Урок английского языка на тему I wish/if only for present situation

Grade 10 «А» «Б» Date 26.01.2016 №7
Lesson theme I wish/if only for present situations
Objectives To generalize and systematize knowledge about wish and if only clauses – present time. To perfect skills of the correct use of grammatical times in a context. To bring up independence and activity. To assist to development of thinking.
Materials for the lesson Tasks, copy books, pencils, interactive board, cards, pictures.
Procedure of the lesson Org. moment
Lesson phase Students and teacher interaction Time
Introduction: Date and attendance
Introduction the theme of the lesson 2 min
Warm- up: to revise materials answering some questions. Students will answer the questions 3 min
Organization moment:
Teacher: Good morning boys and girls! Today we are going to talk about our regrets.
The Present Time
"Wish Clauses" are used to talk about our regrets. We have some situations we don't like and we would like to change them.  These situations may be in the present, future or past. 
Now, we are going to learn the present time - wish clauses in English.
How to form a wish clause sentence for the present:
Rule 1
For the Present Tenses or modals , we use the Simple Past Tense or Past Modals:(Situation: I know the truth.)   I wish I didn't know the truth.
(Situation: She drinks cold water.)   I wish she didn't drinkcold water.
(Situation: He can't swim.) He wishes he could swim.
Rule 2If our situation is negative, we make a positive wish clause.(Negative Situation: They don't live in this city.) We wish they lived in this city.
Rule 3If our situation is positive, we make a negative wish clause.(Positive Situation: Mary tells lies.) Her parents wish Mary didn't tell lies.
Rule 4We usually use "were" instead of "was" in wish clauses.(Situation: I am sick.) I wish I weren't sick.
Checking of the homework: Students will learn grammar material and give their own examples.
"Wish" and "If only" have the same meaning and  both can be  used to talk about our present or past regrets – things that we would like to change.
Students will read their home task. 10 min
5 min
1.Ex:7a p.63 look at these examples from the radio show.
2.b) complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in the box.
3.Ex:8b p. 63 look at the topics in the box. What would you like to be different about each of these things? Work with a partner and discuss your answers.
Students will do the grammar tasks and correct their own mistakes. 15 min
Work with a partner. Look at the photograph and write five thoughts the person in the photo might have. Start with I wish… or if only…
Students can work in pairs and write their own thoughts.
10 min
What did we learn? What was difficult? Did you like our lesson?
Assessment of students: give marks 3 min
Homework: Ex:3a,b,c p.50 (workbook). 2 min

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