Пассивный залог упражнения для 9 класса

A Active or passive? Choose the correct verb form.
1. The book (wrote/was written) by Hardy.
2. Four people (have killed/have been killed) in a train crash.
3. A famous architect (was built/built) the bridge.
4. The house (bought/was bought) by pop star.
5. Local police (have been arrested/have arrested) the bank robber.
6. I (arrived/was arrived) last Friday.
7. The room (will clean/will be cleaned) later.
8. “Did you go to the party?” “No, I (didn’t invite/wasn’t invited).”
9. It’s a big company. It (is employed/employs) two hundred people.10. Tom (has lost/has been lost) his key.
11. A cinema is a place where films (show/are shown).
12. People (aren’t used/don’t use) this road very often.
13. This house (built/was built) in 1930.
14. My car (has disappeared/has been disappeared).
15. This situation is serious. Something must (do/be done) before it’s too late.
16. When I came to the party, John (had already been gone/had already gone) home.
 B Find the mistake and correct it. Some sentences are correct.
1. Don’t worry, your keys will being found.
2. Coca Cola have been produced since 1895.
3. Nylon used to make things.
4. Yuri Dolgoruki founded Moscow in 1147.
5. Where are the letters? They are written at the moment.
6. Clothes is sold in big shops.
7. A new school will built in our street next year.
8. Jack told us that his new project has not been finished yet.
C Write these sentences in the passive.
1. She doesn’t invite me to her dinner parties.
2. The teacher sent for the pupil’s parents.
3. They are building a bridge over the river now.
4. Nobody slept in the bed.
5. The pupils always laugh at this boy.
6. When I came home they had eaten the sweets.
7. The children were playing tennis from four till five.
8. Everybody listened to the teacher with great attention.
9. By 6 o’clock he had finished the composition.
10. She looks after the patients well.
D Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive form.
1. I can’t give you these articles. They (translate) now.
2. The letter (not write) tomorrow.
3. English (speak) all over the world.
4. She showed me the picture that (paint) by her husband.
5. My dress is clean now. It (wash).6. All the questions on the paper must (answer).
7. These houses (build) in 1500.
8. Rugby (play) since 1845.
9. My house (paint) the whole day yesterday.
10. Flowers usually (sell) in the streets.
11. This film (discuss) at the next lesson.
12. It was very dark. Nothing could (see).
13. Wait a little! Your question (receive) by next Sunday.
14. The UK (wash) by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.
E Translate the sentences into English.
1. За этим доктором часто посылают.
2. С ним уже поговорили.
3. Когда он приехал, письмо уже было получено.
4. Перевод должен быть закончен вовремя.
5. Наш дом сейчас ремонтируют.
6. Когда я пришла домой, обед был уже сварен.
7. Этот вопрос можно обсудить завтра.
8. Она сказала, что деньги уже получены.
9. В хоккей обычно играют зимой.
10. Это стихотворение надо выучить наизусть.
11. Иди домой! Тебя ищут!
12. Письмо было написано вчера.
13. За директором уже послали.
14. Я думала, что хлеб и масло уже купили.
15. Эту работу можно сделать завтра.
16. когда я вернулся домой, как раз готовили обед.
17. Эту статью сейчас переводят.
18. Эту книгу вернут вовремя?
19. С профессором уже поговорили?
20. Вам в школе дают книги для чтения?
21. Когда тебя спрашивали?
22. Нас встретят на станции?
23. Послали за лекарством?
24. Когда будет написана ваша книга?

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