Презентация по английскому на тему Out and about Moscow к УМК Enjoy Ennglish

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Out and about in Moscow We shall find out what places of entertainment people visit and why they like go there. Good Morning, boys and girls! How are you? What day (date) is it today? do build give have say see be bring write read swim learn sell buy meet take speak make did-done brought-brought saw-seen was(were)-been built-built wrote-written read-read swam-swum learnt-learnt sold-sold bought-bought met-met took-taken spoke-spoken made-made had-had said-said gave-given Let’s remember the irregular verbs now. You will see the first form, and have to name the second and the third. Do you like to go to the Museum? Is visiting galleries your hobby? How often do you go to the circus? Have you ever been to St.Petersburg (Moscow, Perm)? What places of interest in the world do you want to visit? Where would you like to go and what would you like to see? Have you ever been to St.Petersburg (Moscow, Perm)? Open your books, p.46, ex.103a Work in pairs, ex.103b Now, you will listen to the interview with Philippe, a Frenchman who is in love with Russia. Complete the sentences. Break Hands on your hips, hands on you knees, Put them behind you if you please. Touch your shoulders, touch your nose, Touch your ears, touch your toes. Raise your hands up in the air, At your sides, on your hair Raise your hands as before While you clap: one, two, three, four. Passive Voice Let’s practice our new knowledge. Look at your cards and correct the mistakes. The story was read three days ago. The building of the museum is being reconstructed at the moment. We are never asked at the English lesson. The text was being translated when he came. English is spoken all over the world. Ice cream is made from milk. Will the game be played in four days? The computers were bought in the shop. The flowers were not watered last week. The homework must not be done tomorrow. Homework Student book: p. 49 ex. 109, read and translate

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