Урок Adjectives (5 класс)

Сын есімніS салыстырмалы шырайы дaрыс KолданылCан с™йлем
She is the activest student in the class
B. It is worser than that one
This exercise is difficult than the previous one
This play is an interesting as the one I saw yesterday
John is my the best friend
ЕсімдіктердіS дaрыс нaсKасын табыSыз
I asked her for milk, but she didn’t have .
a. some, any b. any, any c. some, some d. -, some e. any, some

3.ЕтістіктіS инфинитив формасы бар с™йлем
a. they finished eating at ten b. Mary continued working at home
c. Peter asked it he could speak to him d. she advised me to go.
4. С™йлемді толыKтырыSыз:
a. is it b. it is c. - d. is e. it was
5. Present indefinite Tense-те тaрCан с™йлем:
a. I’m meeting my brother tomorrow b. That coat belongs to me.
c. He’s flying back on Sunday d. She worked there for 20 years
6. Present Continuous-тегі етістік:
a. shall not come b. are talking c. were having d. has opened
7. Past indefinite Passive-тегі етістік с™йлем
a. My car was damaged last night. B. These televisions are made in Japan
c. Cheese is made from milk. D. Simon has painted the house
8. Present Simple-де к™пше т_рдегі етістік:
a. made b. goes c. Skate d. Sings e. Studied
9. Past Perfect Active-тегі етістік
a. had said b. Has gone c. have done d. had went e. has been doin
10. Антонимдер дaрыс берілген нaсKаны таSдаSыз:
a. younger-older b. colder-expensive c. better-best d. nearer- the nearest
11. К™мекші етістіктердіS дaрыс нaсKасын таSдаSыз:
Astana is a new city. There any old buildings.
a. is are b. wasn’t aren’t c. isn’t are d. is aren’t e. are is
12 . Could you give me ... piece of cake? a) the b)a c) an d) (nothing)
13. She gave me ... interesting book to read, a) the b)a c) an d) (nothing)
14. Will you pass me ... salt, please? a) the b)a c) an d) (nothing)
. Carol lives in ... Green street, a) the b)a c)an d) (nothing)
16. This isn't... Mary's little sister, a) the b)a c)an d) (nothing)
17 Jane ... at six every day, but today she ... late.
is finishing, is working b) is finishing, works c) finishes, is working d) finishes, works
18. They ... to Madrid at five yesterday evening.
Flew b) were flying c) had flown d) have flown
19. I... he is a very good singer.
am not thinking b) wasn't thinking c) don't think d) doesn't think
20. How many cars...?
has your family got b) your family has got c) has got your family
d) does your family have got

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