Контрольная работа (past simple,continuous,perfect if-clauses)

Read the text and say if the statement below are true (T) or false (F)
It was a beautiful and clear night. The weather was very warm and there was a smell of happiness outside. But I didn`t know what it would bring. My uncle was ill and we worried about him a lot. This night I came to him as usual. He smiled and was quite talkative. We had a good conversation. For my surprise he told me about his first love, I had never heard this story before. The name of his beloved was Margaret. They had known each other since childhood and they were always friends. Unfortunately, she died very early when she was only eighteen years old. My uncle was with Margaret at the moment of her death. She promised him to be with him when it would his end of life and she would make his death easier. If she hadn`t died then my uncle would have married her. But this was a sad story. As soon as he told me this story the doctor came and said that I had to go because my uncle needed to have rest. When I walked out of the house I saw a beautiful tall young lady with long gold hair and big blue eyes. She was smiling to me and said that everything would be all right with uncle now. But the next day my uncle died. After his funerals my mother showed me a photo of Margaret and I saw a girl whom I had seen on the day of my uncle`s death.
It was raining all night.
When the author came to his uncle he didn`t want to speak with anybody.
The author heard a story about his uncle`s love.
Margaret and the author`s uncle didn`t know each other very long.
She died young.
The uncle didn`t know about Margaret`s death.
She was going to came when the author would go out of his life.
The story about the girl was with a wonderful end.
Coming out of the house the author saw an old tall woman.
The author didn’t see anything unusual on the picture.
Put into the right tenses: Past Simple. Past Continuous, Past Perfect.
I (to see) a beautiful girl when I (to walk) with my dog.
I (to come) home, (to wash) my hands and (to find) that I had nothing to eat.
I (to decide) to go to study to America before I (to learn) my results of exams.
Mary (to translate) this difficult article from 6 till 10 o`clock.
I (to be) in Moscow by 4 o`clock.
Pete (to be) to the theatre while Harry (to wait) for him at home.
She (to write) me how learning foreign language (to make) her travel abroad easier.
Open the brackets.
If it (not to rain) last week, we (to plant) potatoes.
It (to be) so kind of you if you (to look) after my children tomorrow.
If people (to care) about our planet they (to try) throw away less rubbish.
If you (to do) sport in your childhood your (to take) part in many competitions,
We (to visit) our granny if Tim ( not to be ill) today.
If my mother (to lose) her key again she (to be) very upset tomorrow.
If our cat (not to break) our mother`s vase a day ago she (not to buy) new one.

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