Презентация по английскому языку на тему: Моя будущая профессия (11 класс)

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My Future Career Profession – a job that needs a special education and training.Study the combination: by profession/choose smth as a profession. Here are examples: What is your mother by profession? Will you choose law as a profession?Job – the regular paid work that you do for an employer. Study the expressions: get/find, take/accept, lose, leave/quit a job, apply/try to get a job, job satisfaction, change jobs, Saturday/summer/holiday jobStudy the examples: Did you work a holiday job this summer?Occupation – a job or profession. What is your mother’s occupation?Work – to do the job that you are paid for.Here are the examples: work for the company/work as a secretary. What company does your father work for?  Task: choose the suitable words. For help: a) dentist, b) shoemaker, c) artist, d) tailor, e) accountant, f) driver, g) seaman, h) architect, I) physician, j) chemist, k) smith, l) docker, m) translator, n) farmer, o) carpenter, p) lawyer, g) steward, r) weaver, s) journalist, t) cook, u) physicist, v) interpreter, w) pilot, x) miner, y)musician, z)engineer. Choose adjectives that you can use describe yourself.polite elegant generous ambitious seriouseasygoing unpleasant sociable clever creativeforgetful careless funny adventurous friendlyreliable practical shy enthusiastic talkative 1) always keeps a promise- 8) always looks very smart-2) is often unkind to other people- 9) makes a lot of silly mistakes-3) doesn’t remember things- 10)has good manners-4) thinks deeply about things- 11) likes giving thing to people-5) likes to be around people- 12)shows a lot of excitement and eagerness-6) is full of bright ideas- 13) is always able to deal efficiently with problems 7) likes making people laugh- 14) doesn’t say much around other people-   Thank you for your work.

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