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Student: Katkova Valeriya Andreevna Information about the author My name is Lera. I am seventeen years old. I study at The College of power engineering and electronic enginering named after A. I. Polezhayev on the specialty “Сomputer systems and complexes”. The content My future profession Information about the author System administrator Related fields Training Duties Names System administrator, sysadmin, IT professional Occupation type Profession Activity sectors Information technology System administrator The system administrator is a person who is responsible for maintaining the configuration and the computer systems reliability; especially multi-user computers such as servers. System administrator reaches to guarantee uninterrupted work, productivity, resources, and computer safety. System administrator manages user requirements, without exceeding the budget. System administrator To fulfill these requirements, the system administrator can purchase, install, or upgrade computer hardware and software; providing the planned automation; maintenance of security policies; diagnostics; training and lead the staff; or offer technical support for the projects. Related fields The database administrator manages a database system, and he is responsible for data integrity and system efficiency and performance. The network administrator supports the network infrastructure such as routers and Switches, and diagnoses problems with the behavior of networked computers. A security administrator is a specialist in the field of computer and network security, including administration of security devices such as firewalls, as well as common consulting on security measures. The postmaster manages a mail server. Related fields Computer operator performs current maintenance and the maintenance, such as changing the backup tape or failed drives replacement in a redundant array of independent disks. Web Administrator supports web services servers that allow to have internal or external access to Web sites. These tasks include the management of multiple sites, Administering Security, and the required components and software setting up. Duties may also include software change management. Related fields Warehouse Administrator can create, add or delete the storage to or from the computer system. Storage may be attached locally to the system or network storage. An administrator can also create the file systems from a recent added storage. In some organizations, a person may start as a member of technical support staff or a computer operator, if he gets experience on the job he can get the office system administrator position then. Training There are several ways to become a system administrator. Many system administrators have a degree in a related field: Computer Science (Informatics), information technology, electronics, computer technology, IP, or even school programs trading. At present, some companies require IT certification. Other schools have their own branches of Informatics with a special programs for system administration. Some schools have started to offer a bachelor's degree in system administration. Duties System Administrator Responsibilities: To analyze system logs and identify potential issues with computer systems. New technologies implementation and integration. The planned audits of systems and software implementation. Operating system Applying, updates, patches, and configuration changes. Installing and configuring new hardware and software. Adding, deleting, or updating information on of the user account, password resets, etc. Answering on technical questions and supporting to users. Responsibility for safety. Responsibility for documenting the configuration of the system. Troubleshooting of possible problems. Duties System performance tuning. The network infrastructure providing. Setting, adding and removing of file systems. In a large company, some of these tasks can be divided into different system administrators or members of different organizational teams. For example, one person can apply all updates, assurance quality, the team can perform tests and inspections, and one or more technical writers can be responsible for all technical documentation written for the company. In smaller organizations, the system administrator can also act as a technical support, database administrators, network administrators, application administrator or storage analyst. Thank you for your attention!

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