Презентация по английскому языку на тему: Tea drinking tradition in England

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The tradition of drinking tea in england English tea drinking traditions have a long history. Tea was brought to England in the 17th century by a Portuguese princess, who married king Charles II of England, and since then it has been popular in the country. When the first tea was brought to England from China and India, it was very expensive. So it was a drink for the elite, for the rich, the aristocracy. From the 18th century tea began to be used by the common people too. Traditional tea timeAccording to the English traditions people drink tea 6 times a day1 and 2 times: Morning always starts with a cup of tart tea “English Breakfast Tea”. At first people drink it to cheer up between 6 and 7 and afterwards for the first breakfast (about 8 at the morning) with milk. 3 time: English people have a lunch in the midday. This is the next breakfast which is also does not take place without tea. At lunch it is accepted to drink English Tea №1. It is a combination of Kenya and Ceylon tea leaves with original name “Orange Pekoe”. 4 time: It is a break during a working day. People drink tea at this pause which is called “tea break”.5 time: At five o’clock the popular “five-o’clock” tea begins. At this time, millions of Englishmen drink tea which is called the "English afternoon tea." 6 time: About 19-20 hours after the work comes the time of "high tea”. The best tea for this time is “Earl Grey”. This is an aristocratic drink. This tea is served with snacks. For English Tea Ceremony you need: English tea A teapot with tea A tea cup and a saucer A jug with milk or cream A tea-cosy HOW TO MAKE ENGLISH TEA Boil the water Put tea leaves into a pot Pour hot water into the pot Place a tea-cosy on the teapot to keep the tea warm Place a tea strainer over the top of the cup and pour the tea in. Add some milk. That’s all – you have a nice cup of English tea Tea party at Buckingham PalaceEach year Queen Elisabeth 11 opens the private gardens at Buckingham Palace to host three afternoon parties, each attended by 8.000 guests respectively. Tea Proverbs and idioms:Reading the tea leaves – гадание на кофейной гущеHusband’s tea – очень слабо заваренный чайBuilder’s tea – крепкий чайStorm in a cup of tea – буря в стакане водыTo be one’s cup of tea – то, что нравится, быть по вкусуNot for all the tea in China – ни за какие коврижки, ни за чтоAn old cup of tea – старая женщинаAn unpleasant cup of tea – неприятный человекA tempest in a teacup – волнение из-за пустяковTea and sympathy – сама добротаAnother cup of tea – совсем другое делоIt is as good as a chocolate teapot – от этого толку как от козла молока

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