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Cities in Kazakhstan The largest cities are Almaty, Karaganda, Shimkent and Astna. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It's a very big and beautiful city. There are so many interesting and wonderful showplaces! A lot of people visit Astana for sightseeing. Baiterek is the symbol of the city, and from it you can see the whole city. Astana is situated in Central Kazakhstan, on the river Ishim. There are also a lot of theatres, cinemas and stores. Astana is a young city, but it's very developing city.  Almaty - the southern capital of Kazakhstan , a city with a half million inhabitants , administrative, economic and cultural center of the republic. Surrounded by a semicircle of snow-capped mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau , he captivates with its originality . Alpine meadows, Tien-Shan spruce, gardens serve him a kind of frame. From a high hill Koktyube is surveyed the entire city - panorama strictly rascherchennyh dressed in green blocks , shot up into a bright blue sky beautiful high-rise buildings . Successfully entered in the mountain landscape , subordinate unified original decision , they make beautiful skyline of the city, which are widely used elements of national culture and the achievements of modern construction equipment. Karaganda is the greatest city in Kazakhstan! Karaganda My! My favorite city! Every time when I am far away, and it is precisely at such moments you value your city where you grew up and remember the outlines of houses, the noise of the streets, friendly faces karagandians not similar to people in other cities, there is something special in them, Karaganda , native, good and unique! Shymkent - the second most populous and the first on the occupied area city in Kazakhstan, one of the largest industrial, commercial and cultural centers of the country. The administrative center of the South-Kazakhstan region; It forms the second most populous metropolitan area in the country. Pavlodar is a city in northeastern Kazakhstan and the capital of Pavlodar Province. It is located 450 km northeast of the national capital Astana, and 405 km southeast of the Russian city of Omsk along the Irtysh River. As of 2010, the city has a population of 331710.The population of Pavlodar is composed predominantly of ethnic Russians and Kazakhs with significant Ukrainia

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