Конспект обобщающего урока по английскому языку по теме Friendship (9 класс)

Класс: 9 Длительность урока: 45 мин.
Тема: “Everything’s about Friendship”
Цель: формирование коммуникативной компетенции учащихся на основе изученных лексических единиц, речевых и грамматических структур.
Задачи: 1) образовательные:
активизировать лексику по теме «Friendship»;
активизировать грамматические навыки;
2) развивающие:
развивать навыки аудирования, говорения, письма, диалогической речи;
развивать языковую догадку;
учить слушать друг друга, работать в команде;
воспитывать интерес к языку;
Оборудование: ноутбук, колонки, аудиозапись для речевой разминки, карточки с высказываниями известных людей о дружбе и карточки с их переводом(по 8 шт), ватман, клеевые карандаши (2 шт), фломастеры, цветные карандаши, восковые мелки, распечатки с отрывками песен о дружбе (2 шт), ножницы (2 шт), листы А4 (5 шт).
Тип мероприятия: соревнование
Формы работы: - фронтальная
- групповая

Этап урока Учитель Ученик Запись на доске Время
(мин) Примечание
I. Оргмомент 1. Hello, boys and girls!
2. Sit down, please.
3. Today we’ll speak about one of the most important things in our life. What’s it? What do you think?
4. All your answers are quite right. But we’ll talk about friendship. I want you to divide into 2 teams. Give a name to your team.
5. Good. I prepared several tasks for you. The only condition of our competition – we speak English. Good luck! And I hope, friendship will win. 1. Hello, teacher!
3. I think it’s … (love, family, money, beauty, children, happiness, friendship…)
October, 15 th
“Everything’s about Friendship”
No Russian
Team 1 Team 2 5 II. Разминка 1. So, the first task for you is to repeat the questions after the speaker with good intonation. And the team of your opponents should answer them.
2. One person from every team. Come to the blackboard, please. Do your best! I believe in you! Ready?
3. Well, next participants, please.
4. And the last round of this task.
1. Yes, certainly.
7 III. Подбери пару. 1. Exellent! Next task is called “Find a pair”. There are 4 different aphorisms of famous people about friendship for every team. You should find the right translation of them. Ready? Go! Who will be the first? 7 IV. Фильмы или книги? 4. Great! Let’s continue. Next step of our competition is called “Films or Books”. One team should name as many films about friendship as possible and another team – books about friendship. It is the only task where you can speak Russian if you don’t know the title in English. So, one by one. Let’s start! Who will give up first? Films: Books: 7 V. Кто такой идеальный друг? 1. It was amazing! So, the final task. It’s called “A perfect mate”. Describe your perfect mate. What kind of person is he or she? What should he or she do to be perfect for you? Discuss with your partners and make up a list of characteristics of a perfect mate. You have 5 minutes. Speak in English.
2. Time is over. Let’s check your lists.
A Perfect Mate…
10 VI. Создание плаката дружбы 1. Very good! Our competition is practically over. While the jury is counting your points let’s make a poster of friendship. You have everything to do it including the titles. Use your imagination and work all together. Be quick, please. You have 5 minutes.
5 VII. Подведение итогов 1. Great job! It’s incredible! So, listen to the jury.
2. I hope you’re satisfied with the results of the competition and you really enjoyed it. Our lesson is over. Thank you very much. See you! 4

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