Тест Входной контроль для 5 класса

177800640715Посмотри на картинку и прочитай имена в рамке. Прослушай пример и пять мини-диалогов. Впиши нужные имена из рамки в пропуски. Два пропуска лишние, они должны остаться незаполненные. Ты услышишь запись каждого диалога два раза.
Read the text. Прочитай текст.
William Goes to the Zoo
William likes to visit Zoo. He would like to go to the Zoo every day. He likes animals very much. It is Sunday. William and his friend Tim don’t go to school. They go to the zoo.
In the Zoo they see a lot of animals. They are bears, foxes, giraffes and crocodiles, kangaroos and elephants. The animals are big and small. They are nice and funny. They can run, jump and swim. Some animals like to eat meat, cabbage, carrots, corn, oranges and apples. Some of them are kind and lazy.
William comes home. He takes his album. He would like to draw the animals in the Zoo. The crocodile is long and green. It has got a strong tail and big teeth. The giraffe is big and strong but kind. His neck is long and his ears are funny. The grey elephant is big and kind. It likes to ride boys and girls. William’s pictures are very nice!
Mark the statements as true (T) or false (F). Отметь утверждения как верные (Т) или неверные(F).
William likes animals very much. _____
The friends go to school on Sundays. ____
The animals in the Zoo are angry and kind.____
Complete the sentences. Choose the correct word. Составь предложения. Выбери верное слово.
William and Tim go…
to the park
to the Zoo
to school

The giraffe’s ears are…

The animals are…
nice and funny

William would like to draw…
the Zoo
the animals in the Zoo
the crocodiles in the Zoo
Закончи предложения. Finish the sentences.
My name is ________________________
My surname is __________________________
I am ___ years old.
I am from _____________________
I live in ________________
My pet is a ____________
I like to eat _____________________________
I like sport. I can ___________________

Тексты для аудирования.
A. Where's Jane?
B. She's reading a book.
Диалог первый
A. Who's that boy?
B. Which boy? The boy who's riding a bike?
A. No, the boy who's riding a scooter.
B. He's name is Sam.
Диалог второй
A. Do you know Gabriel?
B. Yes, I do. She's having a picnic.
A. Has she got fair hair?
B. No, she's got dark hair.
Диалог третий
A. Can you see Harry? I can't find him.
B. Look! He's flying a kite.
Диалог четвертый
A. Who's that girl?
B. Which girl? The girl in a yellow dress?
A. No, the girl in a green T-shirt. She's playing with the dog.
B. Her name's Cindy.
Диалог пятый
A. Where's Bob? Is he riding a bike?
B. No. He's drawing a picture.

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