Урок англійської мови на тему: Моя квартира (3 клас)

3 класТема: Моя квартира.
to practice the vocabulary on the topic;
to learn how to form the sentences using the structure There is…/are…
to develop pupil’s skills on reading, writing and listening;
to develop communication skills;
to learn to work individually, in pairs, whole-class
to develop creative imagination and logical thinking;
to bring up pupils as hard-working people
to enlarge pupil’s scope
to foster the interest for learning and discovering new things;
to encourage pupil’s interest in learning
Equipment and materials: a book, a copybook, pictures, cards, schemes, presentation “My Flat”.
The type of the lesson: the lesson of application of knowledge and skills in practice
T: Good morning, pupils!
P-s: Good morning, good morning good morning to you!
Good morning, good morning, I am glad to see you!
T: Sit down! Get ready for our lesson!
Warming –up
T: How are you, Stasyk?
P 1: I am fine, thank you!
T: How are you, Marynka?
P 1: I am so-so!
Ask each other! (учні питають один одного ланцюжком)
Phonetic drills
T: Listen to me very attentively and repeat after me!
a: bath bathroom cupboard carpet armchair
au towel shower
o: board hall wardrobe
T: Children, look our alphabet is very sad! Let’s sing a song “The ABC”.
T: It is happy now!
Revision Vocabulary
Де ж заховалися літери? Let’s find them!
(under the table, at the desk, next to the table, on the chair, behind the table, above the board.)
T: Look and repeat after me! (presentation)
T: Діти вранці я зустріла фото (a postman), який віддав мені листа від подруги з Англії. А ви знаєте, що англійці дуже люблять і бережно ставляться до своїх будинків. Вони кажуть: “East or west – home is best”, що значить в гостях добре, а вдома найкраще. The subject of our lesson is “My Flat”. We’ll go on learning new words and grammar, we’ll read, play and sing songs.
1)Game “What’s this?”
Щоб нам прочитати листа та зрозуміти його, необхідно знати слова по темі: дімT: Let’s listen to the letter of my friend! Listen to it very attentively! Be ready to answer the questions.
Hello! My name is Helen. I am from London. I have got a flat. There is a living-room, a bedroom and the children’s room in it. This room is our children’s room. The bed is near the window. The table is next to the bookcase. The chair is at the table.
What is her name?
Where is she from?
Has she got a flat?
What rooms are there in it?
Is the bed near the window? (yes, it is)
Is the table next to the bookcase? ( yes, it is)
Is a chair at the window? (no, at the table)
New Active Vocabulary
T: Про які кімнати Хелен не згадала? (ванна, кухня, коридор). Давайте дізнаємось як ці слова будуть англійською мовою.Let’s find out!
T: Repeat after me!
T: Repeat if it is true: a carpet, a
T: Is it a …?
T: Is it a carpet or a curtain?
Game “Guess”
T: Take your card and don’t name it. Say: Yes it is. or No, it is not.
Game “What is missing?”
Grammar “structure There is/ are”
1)При описі кімнат вказуючи про те, що десь знаходиться якийсь предмет необхідно сказати спочатку there is a… (якщо предмет один), та there are… (якщо предметів два чи більше). Наприклад, look at the board! Приклади в презентації:
2)ex. 1, p. 90
5. Physical Activity “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”
6. Reading (Presentation)
Read the sentences and choose the picture
7.Speaking “Where is the mirror?” ex 2, p. 90
Your home task is to make a story about your flat. Open your daybooks and write down for tomorrow ex. 5 b, p 91
T: The lesson was very interesting and we all have done all our best. So your marks for today are…
AND we will finish with the song «If you happy and you know it».

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