Презентация Моя идеальная школа (7 класс)

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My ideal school At the moment I am а student of a comprehensive school #2. I like my school, but I think it could be better, so I would like to tell you about my ideal school. My ideal school would be situated in a quiet place near a big park, so that students could walk there after classes to relax. There would be a big buffet, where students could have a cup of tea or coffee with a sandwich during the breaks. My ideal school would also have lockers for books and personal things like in American schools. Nowadays we have to study a lot of subjects at school. But I think that the most important subjects are those, which will help us to pass the Unified State Exam and to enter the university. In my ideal school the majority of sciences would be given at fact-finding level and students of a high school would be allowed to choose subjects, which they would like to learn on a higher level, according to their aims and preferences. But of course, Russian will be a compulsory subject for everyone at my school, because we must admit that it is necessary for the literate writing. Information technology is another important subject, because computers simplify our lives and each of students will need to use it in future. As well as the subjects of the curriculum, there would be many after-school clubs, such as chess, drama, music, arts and sports. To sum up, I think my school would be a place I would like to go. It`s my ideal school My school is for boys and girls It`s a room for rest It`s our gym It`s a computer class It`s school dining room It`s swimming pool Our history class Our class for playing games Our school sport center Thank you for your attentionРаботу выполнила: Берестенкова Анастасия 7 класс МОУ «СОШ№2» городского округа ЗАТО п.Горный Учитель: Ларина Елена Александровна

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