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Welcome Form: 6th “V”Teacher: Saduakhasova Zhanna Warm upCan you find the odd word? RomeItalyLondonMadrid

New YorkWashingtonSan FranciscoParis


Manchester UnitedArsenalBarcelonaLondon

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Famous travellers
ppt_wr New wordsPacific Ocean [pə´sıfık´əuʃ(ə)n] Тынық мұхиты Australia [ɔ´streılıə] АвстралияNew Zealand [,nju:’zi:lənd] Жаңа ЗеландияHawaii [ hə’waıi] ГавайиAntarctic Circle [ænt’a:ktik ‘sɜ:kl] Антарктикалық шеңбер Arctic [‘a:ktik] АрктикаEarth [ ɜ:Ɵ] ЖерCentral Asia [ ‘sentr(ə)l ‘eiƷ(ʃ)ə] Орталық Азияvoyage [ ‘vɔııdƷ] саяхатfauna [ ‘fɔ:nə] Жануарлар әлеміflora [ ‘flɔ:rə] Өсімдіктер әлеміdiscover [ diskʌvə] ашу The Grammar Making adjectives from nouns -cal, -al, -mous, -ful, -y, -t Beauty – Beautiful Fame - History – Luck – Noise – Centre – Culture – Tradition - Christopher Columbus (1451 – 1506)He was born in Italy in 1451. He was a sailor and made many voyages. In 1492 he started a journey with three ships. It was long and difficult. He discovered America in 1492.
James Cook( 1728 – 1779)He was born in England in 1728. He made three voyages to different places: the Pacific Ocean,Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Antarctic and Arctic. He discovered the Hawaiian Islands.
Nikolai Przhewalski (1839 – 1888)He was born in Russia in1839. He travelled to unknown parts of CentralAsia. His journeys openeda new era for the study ofthe geography, fauna andflora of Central Asia.
( 1835 – 1865 )Shoqan Ualikhanov Shoqan Ualikhanov ( 1835 – 1865 )Shoqan Ualikhanov was born in November in 1935. He was a Kazakh scientist, ethnographer and historian. Shoqan spend his childhood in his father’s traditional yurt. His father sent him to a small private school in 1842 when he was six. He moved to his grandmother’s home. Ualikhanov entered the military academy in Omsk in 1847. He read a lot of books in Russian. He travelled in Central Asia in the late 1850s. In 1856 he went to the region of Issyq Kul where he had his first successful expedition. In 1857 he went to Russia to report about the results of the expedition and there he became the member of the Russian Geographical Society. On June 28, 1858, Shoqan Ualikhanov began his second expeditionHe had a caravan of 43 men, 101 camels and 65 horses. The caravan arrived in Kashgar in early October of 1858. During his travels he collected a lot of materials about traditions and customs of the people in the places he visited. He returned to his native steppe region because he became seriously ill in the spring of 1861. He died on April 10, 1865 at the age of 29. His works are still popular She sells sea shells at the sea shoreThe shells she sells are surely sea shellsSo if she sells shells on the seashore,I'm sure she sells seashore shellsTongue twister Exercise 1Making questions with the words and give an answer Talking years ...Conclusion

James Cook was a _________(fame) travellerNikolai Przhewalski opened a new era of ______(centre) AsiaShoqan grown up in _______(tradition) yurtIn 1856 Shoqan had his first _______(success) expeditionMake adjectives from nouns HomeworkExercise 14, page 40Write a text about a famous travellerSearch the InternetMake a posterTell the class about your discoveries Good Bye!

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