Контрольная работа по английскому языку за I полугодие 2 вариант (3 класс) по учебнику К.кауфман, М.Кафуман Happy English.ru

МБОУ СОШ №2 с.Арзгир
Ф.И.__________________________________ Класс______
Test (Form 3, I semester)
Variant 2
Прочитай разговор друзей и отметь галочкой, что они не увидели:
Ann: Look at the shop! It’s so beautiful!
Betty: There are teddy bears in the window!
Will: There are Christmas presents in red and green boxes.
Ann: And there is a toy Santa Claus in the window- but there is no Snowgirl.
Betty: What is a Snowgirl? In England there is no Snowgirl.
Ann: In Russia she is Santa’s granddaughter.
Hugo: Look! There is a tall Christmas tree at the door!
Betty: There are very nice toys on the tree, too!
Ann: But there is no snow in the street. In Russia there is snow in the street at Christmas time.
3968115264795Прочитай адрес и ответь на вопросы.
1. What is the name on the letter (на письме)? - _______________________
2. What is the street name? - _______________________________________
3. What is the house number? - _____________________________________
4. What is the town? - ____________________________________________
5. What is the country? - __________________________________________
Впиши глаголы am, is, are в пропуски.
1. He _____ fine.
2. I _____ in the shop.
3. My friends ______ from England.
4. The Tower of London ______ a very interesting place.
5. They ______ in the park.
6. Ann _____ in the office.
Найди соответствие между русскими и английскими предложениями.
1. There are no books on this shelf.
2. There are six chairs in my flat.
3. There is a piano, two chairs and a sofa in the room.
4. There is no snow in the street.
a) На улице нет снега.
b) В комнате пианино, два стула и диван.
c) В моей квартире шесть стульев.
d) На этой полке нет книг.

1 2 3 4
Key to Test (Form 3, I semester)
Variant 2
1. Mr Brains
2. Canon Street
3. 11
4. High Brooms
5. UK
1. is
2. am
3. are
4. is
5. are
6. is
1 2 3 4
d c b a

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