Технологическая карта урока Выходной день Тома.

Урок в 5 классе по теме «Распорядок дня»
Тип урока: комбинированный.
Цели: Формирование языковой, речевой, социокультурной компетенции на уроке английского языка.
Задачи урока:
– активизировать и совершенствовать актуальный словарный запас обучающихся (Распорядок дня) в монологической и диалогической речи, развивать навыки аудирования, развивать грамматический аспект речи (употребление глаголов в 3 лице ед.числа).
– формировать коммуникативные умения и культуру общения в магазине.
– формировать и развивать учебно-организационные умения и навыки (взаимоконтроль, самостоятельная работа, коллективная деятельность);
– развивать способность к рефлексии, как важнейшей составляющей умения учиться.
Формы работы обучающихся: индивидуальная, групповая, в парах.
Используемые технологии: здоровьесберегающая, игровая, информационная технологии, технология критического мышления.
Время реализации: 1 урок (40 минут)
Ход урока.
I.  Организационный момент. Приветствие.
Good afternoon, dear friends! I’m very glad to see you.
My name is N.V. I’ll be your English teacher for today. Today we have many guests, Look at them, greet them. А сейчас представьте, что мы с вами одни в кабинете.Sit down, please. How are you today? Are you fine? Are you ready to work and speak English? OK. I hope our lesson will be successful. Be active and don’t be afraid.
First of all I want you to get to know me. I’ll speak about myself and if you like or can do the same, clap your hands and say “Just like me”. Ready! Steady! Go!
I can swim. I can speak English. I like travelling. I like reading books. I like my school. I like sport. I like football.
Now I want to know you better. Answer my questions.
What is your name? What is your surname? How old are you? What is your favourite colour? (season, day of week, holiday)
Is your family big or small? Do you like your mother? What is her name? What form are you in? Who is your best friend? Good afternoon
Just like me.
Фонетическая зарядка. Let’s train our tongues.
Sound, please. (показываю звуки)
/k,t,b,kw/ Mind the aspiration, please.
Look at the screen and read the rhyme after me. СЛАЙД
Who wants to be a translator?
Now I want you to read and, please, mind the aspiration
Well done! Произносят звуки
Читают хором
Читают по строчке
II. Целеполагание
I have a clock that says tick-tock. (показать циферблат)
Why do we need the clock?
We say “It’ 7.30. I should go to school. It’s 9 p.m. I must go to bed.”
Well, and what is the topic of our lesson? Of course, “my working day”.
(СЛАЙД 2) “Daily routine” the word sounds like Russian «рутина, обыденность».
But what will we do to be ready for going speaking about daily routine? Use the phrases (на доске).
(СЛАЙД 1, клик)
I agree with you and it is our plan for the lesson. To know the time.
To know what we must do.
We’ll speak about my day.
Предполагают, прогнозируют
To my mind we’ll read and translate the text.
I think we’ll listen to the text. We’ll watch a video
In my opinion we’ll repeat the words.
We’ll describe the day.
III. Активизация лексики.
Let’s start. I hope our work will be enjoyable and useful.
I want you to tell me about every day activities.
What can you add?
СЛАЙД 3 Do you know these words? (on, at, in)
You are quite right! They help us to describe the time. You have cards. Find the mistakes in the sentences. (2 min)
Now exchange with your deskmate.
Look at the screen. СЛАЙД 4 (случаи употребления)
Now check your neighbour’s card. СЛАЙД 5 С ВЕРНЫМИ ОТВЕТАМИ. Correct the mistakes.
How many mistakes has N. got?
Well done!
Please finish my sentences using the prepositions.
On Sunday I usually get up … (показать часы – 9 a.m.)
I have lunch … (показать 2 p.m.)
I don’t go to school … (показать Sunday)
I do my homework … (показать the afternoon)
I usually read books … (показать the evening)
Thank you
Смотрят, анализируют, вспоминают.
Have lunch, go to school, do homework, play with friends, help mum read books, watch TV, go to bed, go to the cinema. Go to the park
Выполняют задание на карточках.
Проверяют, исправляют
Говорят о кол-ве ошибок
Воспроизводят предложение целиком.
IV. Физкультминутка
I think you are a bit tired and we should have a rest. Let’s sing a song and follow the girl’s actions (ВИДЕО)
Excellent! You sang wonderfully. You can take your seats. Поют, сопровождают действиями.
V. Грамматика.
А кто знает, как изменится глагол, если мы будем рассказывать о друге, o маме, о ком-нибудь?
Молодцы. Добавим окончание S – ES. CЛАЙД, клик
Please, change the verbs. Clean, get, read, go, watch, have
Now I ask N. to read the sentences about her morning.. Listen to her attentively and say what she does.
I get up at 7 a.m. on week-days.
Then I wash my face and clean my teeth.
At 7.30 I have breakfast.
Usually I go to school at 7.45 a.m. I like my school.
Well done! Thank you.
Now let’s watch a video about one British boy. About his favourite day of the week. Try to remember what he likes and what he does.
Answer the questions (останавливать видео). Well! Р: Глагол будет иметь окончание.
Изменяют cleans, gets, …
N. gets up at 7 a.m. on week-days.
Then she washes her face and clean her teeth.
At 7.30 N. has breakfast.
Usually she goes to school at 7.45 a.m. N. likes her school
Смотрят, запоминают
VI. Мини-проект.
It’s high time to create your mini-projects. I want you to describe the boy’s favourite day of the week. I’ll give you sheets of paper, sticks of glue, pictures, felt-tip-pens and your task is to make a map of his day. You have 5 minutes. In 5 minutes you are to present your work. Don’t forget speaking English. Mind the endings of the verbs.
Are you ready? Who begins?
Both your projects are nice and interesting.
Готовят проект в группах.
Защищают проект
VII. Рефлексия
What was our aim at the lesson?
Did we do it? Что вы сейчас сможете сделать, имея знания с урока?
Look at the activity map. What did you like best? Stick your stars and say.
Thank you for the lesson. I liked it very much. Your marks for today are…
Your home task will be to write down your own story about your daily routine on Sundays.
The lesson is over. Good bye.
Рассказать о рабочем дне.
Прикрепляют звёзды.

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