Тексты по теме День Св.Патрика

The little people of Ireland. An Irish legend.There are heroes of this holiday: fabulous creatures leprechauns. This fabulous shoemakers, who own pot of gold. And if a person is lucky catch a fairy shoemaker, he can tell where the hidden treasures. Here only believe this cobbler should not, because they guard their secret and can fool everyone. They say that you can find happiness in their St. Patrick's Day, if found four-leaf clovers, this leaflet will always bring good luck, but on the daу St. Patrick's his strength is doubled .fabulous creatures – сказочные существа
shoemaker – башмачник
cobbler – сапожник
guard - хранить
fool – обманывать
four-leaf clover –четырехлистный клевер
strength – сила
St. Patrick"s Day.
March 17 is St. Patrick"s Day. It is a national Irish holiday. But many people who immigrated to the United States have come from Ireland. Today, Irish descendants in the United States arrange a noisier and bigger St. Patrick"s Day celebration than the people in Ireland. Every year on March 17 or the preceding Saturday, cities with large population have parades. Green is one of the national colours of Ireland and also one of the signs of spring. Green stripes are painted on the streets where the parade will travel. People wear green shirts, ties, ribbons and hats.
Irish descendants – ирландские потомки
immigrated – иммигрировали, переехали
arrange – устраивать
preceding – предшествующий
ribbon – лента
St. Patrick
St. Patrick was born in Wales about AD 385. When he was 16, he was sold into slavery to Ireland where he was a shepherd for 6 years. He studied and turned to religion. He escaped slavery and later returned to Ireland, determined to convert Ireland to Christianity. He used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. He traveled throughout Ireland, establishing monasteries across the country. He also set up schools and churches .His mission in Ireland lasted for thirty years. He died on March 17 in AD 461. Since then, this day is celebrated as St. Patrick's Day.
AD – нашей эры
was sold into slavery – был продан в рабство
shepherd – пастух
turned to religion – обратился к религии
escape – убежать
determined to convert – решив превратить
Christianity – христианство
the Holy Trinity – Святая Троица
establish - основывать

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