Тест на пунктуацию в английском языке

1.Put in punctuation marks and capital letters
My name’s hans I’m from zurich in Switzerland I speak german and a bit French zurich is in the north of Switzerland its got a population of about 700,000 im in England now because I want to learn more English the town where im staying is called hastings its on the south coast of England
Jack is a british student hes from York in the north of England hes on a Russian language course at Moscow state university he wants to learn more Russian hes on holiday with his friends in st petrsburg on the coast of the Baltic sea hes fond of rissian art jacks parents are coming to visit him in july hell show them a lot of interesting places
2.Give abbreviations for the following. Check in a dictionary. Use full stops where they may appear.
the alphabet______________; 2. Home Box Office (a TV channel)________________; 3. Laboratory________; 4. Mister________; 5. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (an international organization)___________________; 6. please turn over (written at the bottom of the page to tell the reader to look at the next page)________________; 7. departure; 8. His Excellency (a title of important state officials)____________________; 9. Member of Parliament_________; 10. post meridiem___________; 11. Singular_____________; 12. Postscript (a note added at the end of a letter, giving more information)__________; 13. John Boynton Priestley____________; 14. George Bernard Shaw_________________
3. Use commas where and if necessary to complete the sentences.
1. This is the problem which we’re solving at the moment. 2. Tell him about it when he comes. 3. If they arrive early they will be able to have a short tour of the city. 4. The man whose face seems familiar to you is our principal. 5. I have been to Rhodes Crete and some other islands of the Mediterranean. 6. The guy who is waiting in the office wants to talk to you. 7. I will be delighted if you get a chance to know this outstanding writer. 8. Emily Green who was here in the morning won’t join us. 9. We’ll ask Dick who is the oldest in the family just to say a few words. 10. If my daughter leaves me I’ll miss her very much.
4. Use semi-colons instead of commas and full stops it is possible.
1. Taylor was an outstanding actor. With a few telling strokes he characterized King Lear magnificently. 2. The breakfast menu consisted of fruit juice or cereal, a boild egg, toast and marmalade, and a pot of tea or coffee. 3. I had been aware that they sometimes disagreed violently. I had not realised that they were seriously contemplating divorce. 4. The room was bright, spacious and very cosy. 5. Everybody knows that, don’t they?

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