Презентация по английскому языку на тему Мой дом

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Do a short puzzle: Horizontal line: The Place we live in The room where we eat Vertical line: We take off our overcoats in the…We cook dishes on the…We read books in the…The room where we watch TV.The room where we cook. Translate the sentences into English 1. Стол стоит в центре комнаты. 2. На стене висит несколько картин. 3. Перед домом растут два дерева. 4. На полу лежит прекрасный ковёр. 5. Около стола стоит 4 стула. 6. В углу комнаты стоит телевизор. 7. Позади дома есть яблочный сад. An armchair A chair A fire A bed A mirror A wardrobe Computer A toilet table A gas Plates A calendar A bath A washing – machineA TVA lampA carpetA clockA sinkA dishwasherCupboardsA stereoA bookcase Furniture in the house Read the stories: 1.People can prepare breakfast, dinner or supper in this room. Women usually spend much time there. We have a fridge, a sink, a table, a cooker and cupboard in this room. 2. There are beds or a sofa in this room. You can see a little table and a wardrobe there. People have a rest in this room. 3. This room is not very large. We take a shower or have a bath in this room. You can clean your teeth, wash your hands and face there 4. Families get together for the meal in this room. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper there. There are some chairs and table in this room. 5. There is a TV set, some chairs, and a sofa in this room. Some people have a fireplace there. We can see some flowers on the walls. There is often a carpet on the floor. It is usually the largest room in the house. People watch TV, listen to music, or sit around and speak there. 6. This room is not very large. People take off their overcoats, hats, boots or shoes there. 7. You can see a table, a chair, a bookcase and some shelves on the wall in this room. There are books and magazines on the shelves. You can read books, do your homework or write a letter in this room. Your parents can write a report, read important letters and work there. The words A flat Curtains A lamp A wardrobe A cooker A sink An armchair A car A garden A mirror A studyA bedroomA bathroomA kitchenA dining – roomA hallA living room Names of the rooms

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