Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему: Чудесная школьная жизнь

УМК Биболетова М.З.Enjoy English-7
Тема урока: «Чудесные школьные дни. Урок обобщения.»
Цель урока: обобщение полученных знаний по теме «Чудесные школьные дни»
1. Обучать учащихся кратко передавать основную информацию по прочитанному тексту с использованием лингвистических средств.Обеспечить использование и закрепление лексико-грамматического материала по теме “School Life” в серии речевых упражнений.
2.Способствоватьразвитию умения кратко высказываться в связи с ситуацией общения, используя аргументацию и выражая свое отношение к предмету речи.
3. Способствовать воспитанию у учащихся толерантного отношения к своим одноклассникам, умение слушатьи быть услышанными.
Оборудование: УМК Биболетова М.З. «EnjoyEnglish» - 7 класс, карточки со словами, картинки по теме школа, раздаточный материал, презентация, материал для групповой работы, экран.
Ход урока
Этап урока Цели Деятельность
Учителя Деятельность учащихся Примечание
1.Организационный момент
2. Совместное целеполагание.
Основной этап урока
3.Активизация лексики, развитие навыков устной речи.
4. Физкультминутка.
5.Формирование аудитивных навыков. Понимание англоязычной речи на слух
6. Чтение с пониманием основного содержания.
9.Итоги урока Настройка учащихся на работу
Создать языковую среду, найти мотив и тему занятия.
Подготовка речевого аппарата для иноязычного общения
Отработка лексических единиц по теме «Школа»
Активизация навыков
Тренировка навыков аудированиеПравильное понимание информации текста, умение выделить факты
Обобщение лексических и грамматических знаний
Контроль пройденного материала
Good morning children, dear guests.
How are you? Lets get acquainted. My name is M.V. I like dancing.
I’m so glad to meet you. I hope we’ll have a great work today.
Now, boys and girls, let’s begin our lesson.
Look at the screen please. What can you see there?
What are they about?
Look at them and try to guess the theme of our lesson today.
You are right. Today we will talk about our school and wonderful school days.
So, today we will work with worksheets, that are on your tables. Look at them. We will make some tasks today. Now put them down and
We will begin with a phonetic drill now.
You can see a poem at the screen, listen to me and repeat.
Monday is for health
Tuesday is for wealth
Wednesday is the best day for all
Thursday is for crosses
Friday is for losses
Saturday not luck at all
Well done!
Ann try to read this poem.
Thank you.
Tell me please, what is your favourite day of the week? Why do you like it? What do you usually do on…?
Helpful words:
Play games, draw pictures, run, jump, ride a bike, read books, listen to music, watch TV, go for a walk, have a nice time with friends.
Повторение темы «Твой любимый предмет»_
So, to begin with, I want you to remember the names of the school subjects.Try to name some of them.
Ok, I think we remembered enough. And now, Look at the screen, you can see some scrambles on it. Try to guess what school subjects are there.
1) hesimtryc2) pgeorgahy3) hryisto4) lratuitetre5) ysichsp6) InmatforontenooclhgyApart from these subjects there are some more. For example:
Religious education, citizenship, design and technology. Write these words on your worksheets.
Pictures can help you to find their meaning.
You are right!
We remembered all school subjects.
You study in big and nice school, and I think every classroom is different from another.
Look at the screen. Try to guess. What subject do you study in this room?
We sing songs and listen to music.
We speak, read and write in English.
We jump, skip, run, play volleyball and basketball.
We learn a lot about plants and flowers. It’s very interesting!
We like this subject. We can learn a lot about different countries (страны).
We count and count and count. But we like it so much!
We read and learn poems and tales.
Very well It’s high time to explain what these subjects mean. We will make a riddle about them.Let’s divide into 3 groups. Each of you have a note at the table. Take this note and try to understand what group you belong to.
Your groups are: ART, MUSIC, MATH
The firs group ART will get this place, the second – MUSIC the central desk, and the third – MATH the last one. Pay attention to the slide. There is an example, how can you make you riddle. Read it please. Every group has its own task. Look attentive to the helpful phrases. They can help you in your work. You are absolutely right! Stand up and get another place.
I give you 3 mints to make a riddle.
Phrases for riddles.
N: People, women, children, relation, friends, rights
V: unite, be together, do some actions,
Adj: friendly, kind, fine, interesting
2)religious education:
N: people, belief, god, kindness
V: help, work, be tolerant, be patient
Adj: friendly, kind, fine, good/
3) design and technology
N: wood, material, glue, hammer
V: work, make, build, cut, repair, sew.
Adj: hard, funny, interesting
Good of you. Your riddles were really interesting and fine.
Do you like PE lessons? Let’s have it right now! Stand up.
My hands upon my head I place, On my shoulders, on my face. Then I raise them up on high And make my fingers quickly fly.Then I put them in front of me And gently clap: one, two, three.
Well done. We have enough energy to continue our lesson.
Before we will make next ex, well remember some words. Firs on is
Encourage – ободрять, воодушевлять,
Repeat please. Who wants to write it down? Thank you.
Next one is enthusiastic - увлеченный,
Find the translation of this word and write in front of it
overstrict - сверхстрогий,
Repeat please.
personality - личность,
Write it on the right point. Thank you.
excitement –повышенный интерес
So this exercise help us to keep in mind all these words. Work in pairs and fill in the gaps with the words.
1. Ankle Frank ___________________his little son.
2. My grandmother is_________________ woman.
3. Ann felt incredible_________________when she was writing this poem.
4. My little brother is _________________about his math lesson
5. Child as a ______________is formed by his family.
So tell me Kate are you agree with Nastia? Is she right? Lets check.
Every day at school you have lot’s of different subjects and meet different teachers. Listen to the interview with Angela Bryan and answer some questions. What does she think about her job?
You are right.
Look at your work sheets and read some questions about Angela’s work.
1. Does Ms Bryan like her job?
2. Was her English teacher bad?
3. What do they (Angela and her students) do at the lessons?
4. Where can they publish the poems?
5. Is she proud of her students?
We talk enough about school today. How can you imagine a school of your dream? Let’s read the text about Ann’s school.
My name is Ann Brown. And this is a school of my dream. I like it very much. There are two floors in it. We have sixteen classrooms, a gym and a hall. We can run, jump, play basketball and volleyball in our gym. We also have a swimming pool. Oh, I like it so much!
The rooms are big and light. Seven rooms, gym and swimming pool are upstairs. The hall and nine rooms are downstairs.
Our school garden is very beautiful. We have a lot of flowers and green trees in it. Sometimes we like to have lunch there.
My classroom is upstairs near the gym. It’s very nice and cozy. We have a green blackboard, a video recorder, a tape recorder and a television. You can see green plants on the windowsills. There are some pictures on the walls. We have three big windows. This room is very light.
I like my school very much. And you?
Firs of all we’ll answer the Ann’s question. Do you like your school? Why?
Look at the text and make some ex.
1)True or false.
Ann doesn’t like her school.
There are 14 classroom in her school.
The rooms are big and light.
There is a sport club in Ann’s school.
Ann’s classroom is downstairs near English room.
There are some pictures on the walls in her classroom.
2) Find words with the opposite meaning.
3)Answer the questions
1.Does Ann like her school?
2.How many floor in her school?
3.How many classrooms in Ann’s school?
4.What do they do at the school garden?
5.Whwre is Ann’s class situated?
6.What kind of media are in her class?
7.How many windows in her class?
So, boys and girls, what have we done today?
Have you read the text?
Have we spoken about school?
Have we expressed our opinion of school?
So, our tasks are fulfilled.
Thank you for your work.
You were very active and hardworking today. Our lesson is over. Thank you for your work. Your marks are:
Write down your home task: student’s book Ex. 26 p.94 write 5-7 sentences about your school
Teacher: Thank you for the lesson once again and I want to know how do you feel today? If you understand everything, show me this sign. If you are puzzled - show me this one. And if it was very hard show me that sign. Most of you have grate work today. Michael and Ann I ask you to come up to me up to the lesson. So thank you for your attention, hope to see you soon. Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы учителя
I am Kate, I like reading.
I can see different words.
These words are about school.
(формулировка темы урока)
(слушают и повторяют стихотворение за учителем)
(2 учащихся по очереди читают стихотворение)
My favourite day is Sunday
I usually play with friends on Sunday.
Вспоминают названия предметов
(разгадывают головоломки)
1) Chemistry
2) Geography
3) History
4) Literature
6) Information technology (I.T.)
(повторяют за учителем слова, догадываются об их значении по картинкам)
Religious education – религиозное образование citizenship - обществознание, design and technology – дизайн и технология.
(отвечают на вопросы, сопоставляют картинки с названиями предметов)
(Делятся на группы в соответствии с марками)
I am at the 1 group because we have points belong to music lesson.
(загадывают загадки)
It is interesting school subject. We like it very much. We can make new things from different materials. We use wood, metal, glue, and lots things.
(выполняют физкульт минутку)
(слушают интервью, отвечают на вопросы.)
Слушают, повторяют слова, записывают на доске их значения.
Работают в парах, заполняют пропуски словами.
1. Ankle Frank encourage his little son.
2. My grandmother is overstrict woman.
3. Ann felt excitement when she was writing this poem.
4. My little brother is enthusiastic about his math lesson
5. Child as a personality is formed by his family.
1. Yes, Ms Bryan likes her work.
2. Her teacher was good
3. They read poetry and write poems.
4. They can publish their poems on school website.
5. Yes, she is proud.
(читают текст
выполняют задания по прочитанному.)
I like my school because it’s cozy. I meet my friends there. We can play, study and have fun together.
(Выполняют упражнения)
It’s false, Ann likes her school
It’s false, There are 16 rooms
It’s true
It’s false, there is a swimming pool in her school
It’s false, it’s upstairs near the gym
It’s true.
(ищут антонимы следующим словам)
(отвечают на вопросы)
---- Yes, we have.
-----Yes, we have.
-----Yes, wehave.
Yes, we have
Yes, we have
Yes , we have.
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