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What do you think our lesson is about?It is about …What are you going to learn about?I think we are going to learn about …What are you going to do?We are going: - to give a presentation; - to give a slide-show; - to present our projects. WINTER December January February SPRING March April May SUMMER June July August AUTUMN September October November Seasons and monthsЫSs The weather can be: sunny rainy snowy cloudy windy stormy foggy frosty Look, read and remember Noun Adjective rain + y rainy wind + y windy sun + y sunny What is your favourite weather? My favourite weather IS …….. Calm Windy Foggy Clear I like a lot of snowa lot of sunshinea thick fogfine drizzle (изморось)light rainhard hailstorm (ливень)thunder and lightning Cold Warm Cool Hot Dry Wet Sunny Cloudy Rain Match the words to the symbols 1. sunny 2. foggy 3. cloudy 4. rainy 5. snowy 6.thunder and lightning December January February WINTER September October November AUTUMN June July August SUMMER What have you learnt today? We have learnt about …

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