Интерактивная игра по английскому языку на тему Word Building Jeopardy game

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100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 Adjectives Nouns Prefixes Suffives Mixed Adjectives She’s very______. She’s going to travel around the world on her own. (depend) independent Question Answer 100 Adjectives Adam is so ______. All I said is that I don’t like his tee-shirt and now he won’t speak to me. (sense) sensitive Question Answer 200 Adjectives I’ve been concerned about your______ for some time. (behave) behaviour Question Answer 300 Adjectives I was kept ______last night by another crazy party in the flat below me. (wake) awake Question Answer 400 Adjectives Steven Spielberg is one of the most ______film directors in the world. (success) successful Question Answer 500 Nouns She grew up in the countryside and had a very happy______ (child) childhood Question Answer 100 Nouns This used to be a nice ______, before the drug-dealers moved in. (neighbour) neighbourhood Question Answer 200 Nouns It’s been a _______ seeing you again (pleasant) Pleasure Question Answer 300 Nouns They were divorced after only a year. It wasn’t a good_____ (relate) relationship Question Answer 400 Nouns Kate Winslet’s________ was the only good thing about this film. (perform) performance Question Answer 500 Prefixes Driving after drinking alcohol is extremely________ (responsible) irresponsible Question Answer 100 Prefixes She was extremely cruel and _____ (kind) unkind Question Answer 200 Prefixes Question Answer 300 Eating too much fast food is very _________ (health) unhealthy Prefixes He apologised for being rude and said that it had been a __________ (understand) misunderstanding Question Answer 400 Prefixes Unless something is done about unemployment, the______ for the future is not good (look) outlook Question Answer 500 Suffixes Their dog barks a lot but he won’t hurt you. He is ______ (harm) harmless Question Answer 100 Suffixes I spent my _____ in a small town where even the cats and dogs were bored. (child) childhood Question Answer 200 Suffixes The team has some good players but we are ______ that they can win the world cup. (doubt) doubtful Question Answer 300 Suffixes She got over her________ very quickly. (ill) illness Question Answer 400 Suffixes Please make your _____ before the third day of the month. (pay) payment Question Answer 500 Mixed forms. The elderly couple have saved a lot of money for their _____ (retire) retirement Question Answer 100 Mixed forms It was rather______ of you to leave your 2 children on the bus. (care) careless Question Answer 200 Mixed forms The tobacco companies understood the ______ effects of smoking. (harm) harmful Question Answer 300 Mixed forms I have very little_______ of the hotels and restaurants around here. (know) Knowledge Question Answer 400 Mixed forms _________ is a very serious problem in Spain at the moment. (employ) unemployment Question Answer 500

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