Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему The British Museum (8 класс)

Конспект урока по английскому языку по теме "The British Museum" ("Британский музей"). Учебник "English-8", Т.Д. Кузнецова, П.Г. Козлов, издательство "Мектеп".
Материал содержит иллюстрации по теме урока. Видео для мотивационного этапа можно найти на сайте «YouTube».
Theme: The British Museum
Aims: A: Students will be able to read and understand the information about
British Museum.
B: Students will be able to answer the questions about British Museum
C: Students will be able to tell about British museum
Lesson plan
Stage Aims Teacher’s activity Students’ activity
Greetings to greet students Teacher greets students, asks questions Answer the teacher’s questions
To involve students into the lesson Watch the video. Try to guess the name of the place.
What are we going to speak about today?
Do we have museums in our city? How often do you visit them? Students watch the video, guess the theme (Museums)
Pre-reading To interest students Look at the pictures of this museum [даны ниже]. Can you guess where it is situated?
This is British Museum. Have you ever heard about this museum? Do you know anything about it? Students look at the pictures, guess where the museum is situated (In Great Britain)
Reading To improve reading skills Let’s read and know more about this museum. Open your books at p 90. Work in groups. Each group reads a passage of a text.
Choose onе leader. A leader goes to another group and tells about his passage of a text. Students read in groups.
A leader of each group goes to another group and share information with students about his passage of the text.
Post-reading To check student’s understanding of the text Work in pairs. Answer the questions given in ex2p91. Students answer the questions.
Speaking To improve speaking skills Say what events are connected with the following dates: 1753. 1823-1850 Students answer
Writing To improve writing skills Do ex.4p91 Give the English equivalents for the sentences in the text. Students do ex4 in written form.
Home task To monitor what students have learnt at the lesson What have you learnt/done today?
To prepare a short presentation of the museum students like (/or would like) to go to (Students choose any form they like: report, Power Point presentation, collage, composition, etc.) Students answer.
Students write down the home task in their diaries.

Hans Sloane

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