Презентация по английскому языку на тему Мой любимый фильм

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My favorite film. My favorite film is «Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger» This film is about strong people who never give up. And it is a drama. These stories tells us how they came to the gold medals of the Olympic Games and how to become legendary athletes. I like such films because they motivate me. The director of this film is Artem Aksenenko. This film is Russian. I also saw the other films of this director. For example, “Happy new year, Mom!”His films are very powerful and moving. The actors.Christine Asmus has played the role of Svetlana Khorkina. Svetlana Khorkina is Russian gymnast , Olympic champion , the world champion,European champion Sergei Bondarchuk has played the role of Alexander Karelin. He is a Russian fighter, winner of the Olympic Games, the Hero of Russia. Evgeny Pronin has played the role of Alexander Popov. Alexander Popov is Soviet and Russian swimmer, Olympic champion, world champion, European champion. All these people are very strong, they help us to believe in ourselves, make us proud of our country. Thank for your attention

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