Презентация по английскому языку на тему `When I`m 25`

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To teach pupils the grammar so that they can use it in heaving and speaking To enlarge the students vocabulary To develop the students writing, reading, speaking skills vocabulary tasks text bullfight [ ‘bulfait ] – бұқалар төбелесіRed Sguare [ ‘red skweә ] – Қызыл алаң suit- case [‘ su:t keis ] – шағын чемоданSpain [ spein ] – ИспанияMoscow [‘moscou] – МәскеуRome [‘ roum] - РимAfrica [ ‘әеfrikә ] – Африка Colin is going to travel around the world. Colin is a winner of around the world trip. He can take one person with him. He is taking his father. They are both happy. Colin is telling his friend, Andrew about their plan. 1 2 3 4 5 Colin: First we are going to Spain.Andrew: Why?Colin: To watch bullfights.Andrew: You are lucky. Where are you going then?Colin: Well, then we are going to Moscow, to walk in Red Sguare.Andrew: Moscow. Great. Please put me in your suit- case!Colin: There is no room in my suit – case. Corol is already in there! T F Colin can take one person with him. He is taking his mother. Colin is telling Andrew about his parents. Andrew wants to travel with Colin. Partner 3 Partner 2 Partner 1 You What are you going to do? Why are you going? How are you going? Where are you going? Write a postcard to your friend. Dear ……..When I am 25, Love, ……… N I A P S K N K S J D G N G U D P R P O F Y D T R I D G Y J R A H N E R W O C S O M J B Y E D L O V S D O K H R

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