Презентация по английскому языку на тему What we know, what we learn 3-класс

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

1 st team 2nd – teamfat father man niececare same take likemother cat mike cancame fair nephew shake 1 st team:Co…sin, moth…r, …rite, dau…ter, re…d.2nd – team:Fat…er, n…ne, w…ite, dec…m…er, doc…or. 1 st team 2nd – teamTeacher winterSchool pencilPen snowDoctor January Y. ``Strange word`` 1 st team 2nd – teamBlack write father smallSon niece big goodNephew daughter short motherRead white bad long YII. ``Five word`` 1 st team: ``Family``2nd – team: ``Profession`` 1 st team This animal sleeps all winter in aden. /bear, аю, медведь/ It eats carrots, it has long ears. /rabbit,қоян, заяц/It can talk, it lives in the sea. /dolphin, дельфин/ 2nd – teamIt,s a big cat. /a tiger, жолбарыс,тигр/This animals can walk without food and water for a long time. /camel, түйе, верблюд/I,m black, red and blue. I draw a picture for you. / a pencil, қалам, карындаш/ 1 st team.I, got a have computerShe, got, dog, has, aBrother, got, He, a has 2nd – teamGrandfather, Adam,s, a doctor is.You, not, got, a, cat, haveHotel, the, is, near, park. 1 st team Which is smaller? /A. a mouse, b a fox. C.a. hare/ Which can run faster? /A. a zebra, b. a bear, c. a lion / Can a penguin fly? /A. yes. b. no. c. sometimes/ 2nd – team Can tiger swim? /a. yes. B. no. c. do not know/ Is a whale fish? / a. yes. B. no. c. do not know/ What is a big cat? / a. a tiger. B. a bear. c a lion/ My congratulations! I would like to thank everybody, who take part in our party and especially our participants. Thank your for your attention.

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