Топик My feelings and emotions during exams.

My feelings and emotions during exams.Examinations are nothing more than swotting everything up, sometimes without understanding.
Of course, some of students hope to cheat and not everyone can do this but all of us get through it.
As for me, first, I rally my thoughts, then go about to write some notes from which I can cheat in exams. Suddenly some difficulties emerge and I try not to be annoyed, but it`s so difficult. My mom always cheers me up, I contest her opinion saying that it is not so easy.
Though, I think, exams have one advantage. I can have myself go behind my notes again and again. To tell the truth, I tick the days off to get through my difficulties. I go about to think that our porters will cut me short, I will stumble through and anyway I`ll get my bad mark.
Frankly speaking, only after exams I can say that examinations are nothing more than thinking and thinking about them.

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