Презентация Древнейший город Дербент на анг

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The most ancient town Derbent Самый древний город России – это Дербент. Он располагается на территории современного Дагестана.  The town, about which I am going to speak, is situated between the Caspian sea and the most beautiful landscapes of the Caucasus mountains. It is the most ancient and the most southern town of our country. It is Derbent. The ancient name of this town is the Caspian Gates. Derbent has experienced a very turbulent life. Once upon a time Derbent was one of the main parts of the well-known ancient Silk road. That’s why many people wanted to own the town. There were many bloody battles and fights for it. Derbent was repeatedly destroyed, was subjected to assault at, was fallen into decay. But it had long periods of prosperity as well. The oldest town of Russia is now filled with a huge number of museums. It is considered that more than half of the city is Museum-reserve, where a lot of stone buildings are situated. Many buildings date back to the sixth century BC. The complex of these buildings includes the fortress called the Naryn-Kala. It served as a defensive checkpoint for many centuries. The mosque-Juma deserves special attention. It was built in the eighth century BC. Juma is the oldest mosque in Russia. The magnificent architecture of the "old" town is replaced by modern buildings! People that have their own soul and their faces reflect their inner being - the hospitality, kindness and diligence live and create in this city . I love Derbent. Derbent «is Our Common House», «The Pearl of the World History». It is a unique city with a special culture. I spend my vacations in this wonderful city. Now the town is trying to keep up with modern trends and travel routes. In October 2015 an unforgettable trip to Derbent was organized. We visited the fortress Naryn-Kala with my class. We enjoyed our trip very much.

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