Презентация по английскому языку по теме Свободное время ( 6 класс)

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Урок английского языка в 6 классе по теме «Day after day» Учитель английского языка С.Ю.ЗавьяловаТОГБОУ « Жердевская общеобразовательная школа- интернат среднего(полного) общего образования» Theme of the lesson: The best day of the week Aim of the lesson: Which Day is Your FAVOURITE Day? Listen and repeat When the weather is wet      We mustn’t fret.     When the weather is cold     We mustn’t scold. Warm-up activity Start with a noun DAY. Write that word at the top of a sheet of paper. Extend the list by writing a noun that begins with the last letter of the noun before it: day – yard – desk - … The person with the longest list of nouns at the end of two minutes is the winner. You have 2 minutes left Time’s up!Pencils down! Grammar Chant When Du You Usually Have Breakfast? Vocabulary in the morning: brush teeth, have breakfast, go to school, have lessons at school in the afternoon: play sports, have lessons at school in the evening: have dinner at night: go to bed at weekends: play sports Grammar Present Simple Choose the right variant:1. On Sunday my friend (not wake up, doesn’t wake up, wake up) early.2. I usually ( watches TV, watch TV, doesn’t watch TV) in the evening.3. ( Are you read, Do you read, Does you read) books at the weekends? Writing (a class survey) All of my classmates …Most of them …Some …Few of …None of …. Sitcoms Music Shows Sports Reality Shows Science Fiction Sing and do! Hands up, hands down! Hands on hips, sit down. Hands up, to the sides Bend left, bend right. One, two, three – hop, One. Two, three – stop. Stand still! 4c My favourite day Brainstorm Vocabulary Days off - выходные дниPrefer to - предпочитатьFor example - Например, ….Free time (pastime) - свободное времяSet off - отправляться ( в путь) Meet up with - встречаться с Arrive at - прибыть в Reading and Listening Chit-Chat Grammar. Linkers Study Skills Homework Portfolio: Writing ( an article) Ex. 5 P. 40 Student’s BookEx. 3, 4 P. 25 Workbook Project Speaking Which Day is Your FAVOURITE Day? What emotions do you feel? Choose the drawing that reflects your spirits: THE END

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