“ Welcome to our ABC-party”

Cаздинская СШ
Учитель английского языка
Махамбеталиева Бакыт Умирзаковна
“ Welcome to our ABC-party”  1. Сабақтың тақырыбы: “ Welcome to our ABC-party”2. Сабақтың мақсаты: to develope in speaking‚abilities and acting.
3. Сабақтың көрнекілігі: the map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain;the pictures of the members of family: a father, a mother, a grandfather, a grandmother, a brother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt and etc; the pictures of the Wild and Domestic animals: tiger, lion, wolf, hare, bare, fox, giraffe, camel, horse, cow, sheep, goat, dog, puppy, cat, kitten; the pictures of the professions: a doctor, a teacher, a dentist, a pilot, a driver, a shop-girl, etc;
Colours: red, blue, green, brown, yellow, grey, pink, orange.
The letter with the pictures:
Aa- apricot, Bb-bird, Cc-chicken, Dd-drum, Ee-elephant, Ff-flower, Gg-grapes, Hh-house, Ii-iron, Jj-juice, Kk-kitten, Ll-letter, Mm-mushroom, Nn-nut, Oo-orange, Pp-pear, Qq-Queen, Rr-racket, Ss-sledge, Tt-tram, Uu-umbrella, Vv-vase, Ww-wheel,  Xx-xylophone, Yy-yacht, Zz-zebra.
The Scene: „Three little kittens”, There are three masks of the kittens and a wolf and other things.
4. Сабақтың түрі: Аралас сабақ (Mixed lesson)
5. Пән аралық байланыс: Ағылшын тілі, Қазақ тілі, Орыс тілі, Ән сабағы, Драма;           
Сабақтың барысы:
Сәлемдесу:  Good-morning, dear Teachers!
Guests and Pupils!
Welcome to our ABC-party!                                             
Good-morning, good- morning,
Good- morning, to you!
Good- morning, dear Teacher!
We are glad to see you
Мұғалім: In order to beginning of our party I want to explain about the United Kingdom of Great Britain from the map. Why? I want it because we are learning an English language and we must know it. There are four countries: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.
1. Northern Ireland. The Symbol of Northern Ireland is a shamrock and a red hand. They are Irish.
2. Scotland. The symbol of Scotland is a thistle. They are Scottish.
3. Wales. The Symbol of Wales is a daffodil. They are Welsh.
4. England: The symbol of England is a rose. They are English.
Көрнекіліктер түсіндіріліп болған соң, тақтада ілулі тұрған ағылшын тілінің 26-әріпін балалар хормен айтып шығады.
Teacher: Now, pupils we’ll begin our party.
Pupil/1: We can read, we can write
We can speak English too.
We love learning English
And what about you?
Сабақ осылай тақпақпен  басталып, балалар алфавитті, яғни әріпті, содан соң ол әріппен келетін сөздің ағылшыншасын, орысшасын, қазақшасын айтады. Әрбір заттың суретін қолданып айтады.
Pupil /1: The letter- A-apricot        Абрикос           сары өрік           I like an apricot        
Pupil /2: The letter – B-bicycle      велосипед         велосипед         I have got a bicycle.
Pupil /3: The letter – C-chicken      цыпленок          балапан          The chicken is yellow.
Pupil /4: The letter – D-drum         барабан          дауылпаз                  I can play a drum.
Pupil /5: The letter- E-elephant       слон               піл                           The elephant is big.
Pupil /6: The letter – F-flower        цветок            гүл                           I like a flower.
Pupil /7: The letter – G-girl             девочка          қыз                         She is a girl.
Pupil /8: The letter – H-house            дом                үй.      It is a big house.
Pupil /9: The letter – I-iron              утюк             үтік                      It is an iron.
Pupil /10: The letter -J-juice            сок                 шырын   I like an orange juice
Pupil /11: The letter – K-kitten         котенок       марғау   Му kitten is clever
Pupil /12: The letter – L-letter     письмо     хат                I can write a letter.
Pupil /13: The letter – M-mother          мама             ана                   I like my mother.
Pupil /14: The letter – N-notebook      тетрадь       дәптер              My notebook is clean.
Pupil /15: The letter – O-orange          апельсин        апельсин           I like an orange.
Pupil /16: The letter – P- pupil              ученик            оқушы           I am a good pupil.
Pupil /17: The letter – Q-Queen            Королева        Ханша           She is a kind Queen
Pupil /18: The letter – R- Racket            ракета        зымыран  Our rackets fly in Baikanur.
Pupil /19: The letter – S-sister               сестра             апа                  She is my sister.
Pupil /20: The letter – T-Telephone      телефон       телефон         I ring a telephone.
Pupil /21: The letter – U-Umbrella        зонтик          қолшатыр        I buy an umbrella.
Pupil /22: The letter – V-vase               ваза              құмыра              This is a red vase.
Pupil /23: The letter – W-window         окно            терезе                The window is white.
Pupil /24: The letter X-xylophone ксилофон музыкалық аспап  My friend can play a                                                              xylophone
Pupil /25: The letter – Y-yard           двор           аула                        We play in the yard.
Pupil /26: The letter – Z-zebra          зебра         таға жылқы          Zebra is a good animal.
Ағылшын 26-әріптерін айтып болған соң, балалар „ ABC” әнін орындайды.
A   B   C   D   E   F   G
H   I    Y    K          LMNOP
LMNOP          QRST
U    V   W          X Y Z
„ ABC”- әнінен кейін, алфавиттерге арнап тақпақ айтады:
Pupil /1:  A-is for apple.
Apple is sweet.
I like it. Pupil /2: B-is for bread.
Bread is food,
We can’t live without it.
Pupil /3: C-is for cake.
Cake is tasty
We want to eat every day. Pupil /4: D-is for Daddy.
I love him
He loves me too.
Pupil /5: E-is for English.
We are learning now. Pupil /6: F-is for feet.
We can’t walk without feet.
Pupil /7: G-is for game.
We like to play a game. Pupil /8: H-is for hand.
We can’t write without hand.
Pupil /9:  I-is for ice-cream.
Children like an ice-cream. Pupil /10: J-is for juice.
I drink an apple juice.
Pupil /11: K-is for Kazakh.
I’m Kazakh.
I’m from Kazakhstan. Pupil /12: L-is for lesson.
We learn, learn and learn at the lesson.
Pupil /13: M-is for Mother. I like my Mother. Pupil /14: N-is for North.  It’s cold in the North.
Pupil /15: O-is for one. One, one, one little dog run Pupil /16: P-is for peace.
We live in peace.
Pupil /17: Q-is for quick.
Quick, quick, quick. Pupil /18: R-is for rose.
Rose is a symbol of England.
Pupil /19: S-is for song. We sing a song. Pupil /20: T-is for town. We live in town.
Pupil /21: U-is for uncle. I like my uncle. Pupil /22: V-is for vitamin. All of you need it.
Pupil /23: W-is for Welcome.
Welcome to our party. Pupil /24: X-is for X-ray.
It’s harm for people.
Pupil /25: Y-is for you.
You are Welcome. Pupil /26: Z-is for Zoo.
All animals are clever at the Zoo.
Алфавиттерді қаншалықты меңгергенін байқау үшін, әрі қарай мынадай тапсырмалар орындалады.
Now, pupils-What kind of words do you know with the beginning the letter
F (showing the letter).Pupils answer: four, five, fox, friend, father, family. Yes, you are right, then-Who can answer?-What are the members of the family?
P1 – a father, a mother, a grandfather,
P2 – a grandmother, a brother, a sister,
P3 – uncle, aunt, daughter, son…etc.
- Will you tell us about your family?
- Pupils answer: (showing the pictures of their family)
Pupil /1: My family is large. I have got a grandfather, a grandmother, a father, a mother, a brother, and a sister.
Pupil /2: I have got at an uncle. My uncle’s name is Murat. He is a doctor. I love him.
Pupil /3:I have got a father. I am his son. Aina is his daughter. My father’s name is Bolat. He is a dentist.
Pupil /4: I have got a mother. Her name is Altyn. She is a teacher. I love her.
Pupil /5: I have got a  grandfather, and  a grandmother. They are my father’s parents. I love them.
Pupil /6: I have got a brother. My brother’s name is Arman.
Pupil /7: I have got a sister. My sister’s name is Alma. She is a shop girl.
Балалар F-әріпімен сөздер, одан жанұя туралы айтып талқылаған соң, жанұя туралы ән айтылады.
Pupils sing a song ‘My family’.
Әрі қарай тағы бір сұрақ қойылады:
-What kind of words do you know with the beginning the letter D. (Showing the letter).
-Pupils answer: Daddy, Dentist, daughter, dog, drum, duck and Dialogue.
-Yes, you are right.
-Now, can you tell us the Dialogue about you, your family, your toys and drinks?
Pupils answer:
1. -Aibolat : Hello! Aizhan.
- Aizhan :  Hello! Aibolat.
- Aibolat : How are you: ?
- Aizhan : I’m fine, thank you.
- Aibola t: Have you got a toy bear.
- Aizhan : Yes, I have got. I have got a toy bear.
- Aibolat : What color is it.
- Aizhan :  It is pink and white. .
- Aibolat : Give me your toy bear.
- Aizhan : Here you are.
- Aibolat: Thank you.
- Aizhan : Not at all.
2. -Nursultan: Hello! Akbayan.
-Akbayan:  Hello! Nursultan .-Nursultan: What is your name?
-Akbayan: My name is Nursultan.
-Nursultan: Where are you from in Kazakhstan?
-Akbayan: I’m from Kazaly region.
-Nursultan: How old are you?
-Akbayan: I’m eight.
-Nursultan: Are you a pupil?
-Akbayan: Yes, I’m. I’m a pupil.
-Nursultan: What’s your hobby?
-Akbayan: My hobby is reading a book.
-Nursultan: Thank you.
-Akbayan: Good-bye. .                                                              .                                              3.-Galymzhan: Hello! Asyly.
-  Asyly: Hello! Galymzhan.
-  Galymzhan: Have you got a father?
-  Asyly: Yes, I have got. I have got a father
-  Galymzhan: Is he a doctor?
-  Asyly: Yes, he is. He is a doctor.
-  Galymzhan: Have you got a mother?
-  Asyly: Yes, I have got. I have got a mother
-  Galymzhan: Is she a teacher?
-  Asyly: Yes, she is. She is a teacher.
-  Galymzhan: Oh, it’s good. Thank you.
-  Asyly: Bye-bye.
4. -Aslanbek: Hello! Guldana.
- Guldana: Hello!  Aslanbek.
-Aslanbek: Have you got coffee?
- Guldana: Yes, I have got.
-Aslanbek: Will you give me coffee?
- Guldana: Here you are.
-Aslanbek: Thanks and please give me a banana.
- Guldana: Here you are.
-Aslanbek: Thanks.
- Guldana: Not at all.
Әріптерді осылайша сөздермен, сөйлемдермен және диалог арқылы баяндайды. Осы жерде заттың түр-түсі еске түсіріледі. Мұғалім түр-түстің суретін көрсеткенде, балалар жауап береді:
Ақ-white, көк-blue, жасыл-green, қоңыр-brown, қара-blaсk, сұр-grey, сары-yellow, қызғылт-pink;etc.-Now, pupils, we have learned all these materials and you could tell us what you have learned, thank you very much.
Please, remember:-what kind of Wild and Domestic animals do you know? (Showing the pictures of the Wild and Domestic animals).
Pupil /1: Tiger, lion, wolf;                                                 
Pupil /2: Elephant, bear, fox;
Pupil /3: Crocodile, hare, monkey;                                     .Pupil /4: Camel, cow, sheep;
Pupil /5: Goat, cat, dog;
Pupil /6: Kitten, puppy, horse….etc
It’s very good. Thank you, pupils. Бұл жабайы және үй жануарларын айырып айтқаннан кейін, жануарлар туралы ән айтады:
Pupils sing a song:”Animals”.
Әннен соң, аңдардың суретін пайдалана отырып, аттарын тез-тез айтып шығудан ойын ұйымдастырылады:Кім көп айтса, ол балаға сыйлық беріледі.
Біз мамандықтар туралы, олардың қалай аталуын да үйренгенбіз, соны алайық.
Then we’ll discuss about the professions:
(Showing the pictures of the professions)
Teacher: – What is the profession of this man?
Pupil /1: – He is a dentist.
Teacher: – What is she?
Pupil /2:  -She is a doctor.
Teacher: – What is this woman?
Pupil /3:-  This woman is a teacher.
Teacher: – What is the profession of the boy?
Pupil /4:-  He is a policeman.
Teacher: – What is the boy?
Pupil /5: -  He is a pupil.
Teacher: – Who is the girl?
Pupil /6: She is a shop girl.
Teacher: – What are they?
Pupil /7:- They are sportsmen.
Суреттер арқылы балалар бұл сұраққа өте жақсы жауап береді,себебі олар мамандықтың атауын жақсы менгерген. Сонымен бірге осы мамандықтар бойынша балалар киімін киіп шығады, оның кім екенін кімде кім тез айтса, ол балаға „5” деген балл қойылады.Осылайша көп балл жинаған балаға „Үздік оқушы” деген атақ беріледі.Осындай сөздерді,сөйлемдерді, сөз тіркестерін меңгерген балалар көрініс қоя да білді, әрине өзімде көрініске қатыстым, себебі әлі де болса, жас ерекшеліктеріне байланысты, бұл оқушыларға мұғалімнің тікелей басшылығы өте қажет.
We’ll continue of our party in showing the scene which is named “Three Little Kittens”.
A Scene:
Three Little Kittens.
Author: The three little kittens
Lost their mittens
And they began to cry.
1st kitten: Oh, dear Mother we have lost our mittens
2nd kitten: Oh, dear Mother we have lost our mittens
3rd kitten: Oh, dear Mother we have lost our mittens
Cat: You naughty kittens
Lost your mittens
Now, you will have no pie.
The kittens go away.
Author: The three little kittens
Found their mittens
And they began to cry.
The kittens run in.
Three Little kittens (together):
Oh, Mother dear,
1st kittens: See here we have found our mittens.
2nd kittens: See here we have found our mittens.
3rd kittens: See here we have found our mittens.
Cat: Dear my kittens:
You are good kittens,
Please, put on your mittens
Then, you will have some pie.
Gives them pies.
Cat: I’m going to buy something for dinner. You must be good and sit still, if you don’t do it, the wolf will hear and eat up you.
Black kitten: I’ll read and sit very still.
Grey kitten: I’ll write and sit very still.
White kitten: I’ll look out of the window and sit very still.
Wolf: Big Cat is not at home, I’ll eat her kittens. (Wolf knocks the door).
Kittens: Who are you?
Wolf: I’m your mother. Open the door.
White kitten: Show me your paw, please.
Grey kitten: Our mother’s paw is white, your paw is black.
Go, away, go away, go away.
Kittens: Who are you?
Wolf: I’m your mother. Open the door³.                           
Kittens: Your paw is white, but your voice is not sweet. Go, away, go away, go away.
Kittens: Who are you?
Wolf: I’m your mother. Open the door³.                           
Kittens: That’s our Mother³.
Wolf: Ha-ha-ha-ha. I’m not your mother. I’m the Wolf. I’ll eat you up.
White kitten: Ha-ha-ha-ha, you don’t see us.
Grey kitten: Ha-ha-ha-ha, you can’t eat us.
Black kitten: Go away, go away.
-The wolf can’t find then and he doesn’t
|know what he did?
- At that moment a Big Cat comes, the wolf runs away.
Cat: Children, where are you?
Black kitten: Dear Mother, the wolf is here.
Grey kitten: Dear Mother, the wolf comes.
White kitten: Dear Mother, the wolf….…
Cat: Don’t let anyone in, when your mother is out.
Анасы мен балалары бір-біріне аман қауышып, мәз болысып, қуанады.
-The end.
The theme of the lesson:     Do you speak English?The aim of the lesson:    To practice pupils in orall speech(Балаларды ауызша сөйлеуге төселдіру)То develop pupils thoughts, orall speech. To teach to be friendly(Оқушылардың ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту)The type:  competition – lessonVisual aids: cards with verbs, cards with sentences, pictures.The Outline of the lesson1) To solve riddles (жұмбақтар шешу)2) Complete the sentences (сөйлемдерді толықтыру)3) To work with pictures (суретпен жұмыс)
4) To tell the time (сағат айту)5) Regular or irregular? (Дұрыс, бұрыс етістіктерді айыру)6) To translate the proverbs sentences (сөйлемдер, мақал – мәтелдер аудару)7) To put articles, prepositions (предлог, артикльдер қою)To translate 15 words in 1 minute (1 минутта 15 сөз аудару)9) To answer the questions (сұраққа жауап беру)
1. Let’s solve riddles1. Қабат – қабат қаттама,Ақылың болса аттама.    (book, книга, кітап)2. Мұрты бар сақалы жоқ,Тоны бар шапаны жоқ.   (cat, кот, мысық)3. Қаудыр – қаудыр жарғағым,Қартайғанша тозбайды.  (ear, ухо, құлақ)4. Өмірді өлшейді,Ешкімнен сұрамайТіліңді алмайды,Тетігін бұрамай                (o’clock, часы, сағат)5. Жүрсе ізі,Сойса қаны жоқ                (boat, қайық, лодка)
2. Complete these sentences1. Отан неден басталады? (family, семья, отбасы)2. Рухани азық беруші? (book, книга, кітап)3. Сыпайы сөз (please, пожалуйста, өтінемін)4. Алғыс сөз (thank you, спасибо, рахмет)5. Біздің … тұрғындары (street, улица, көше)6. Жауап күтетін нәрсе (question, вопрос, сұрақ)7. Б. Соқпақбаевтың әйгілі романы (My name is Kozha)8. 100 теңгең болғанша 100 кімің болсын? (friend, друг, дос)9. Лондондағы әйгілі сағат (Big Ben)10. Жеті күні бар уақыт (week, неделя, апта)11. Көз қорқақ, батыр не? (hand, рука, қол)12. Қыстың сәні не? (snow, снег, қар)13. Ас атасы (bread, хлеб, нан)3. Look at the pictures, after two minutes, you remember what were there in them
4. Сағат айту5. Clothes, school things, meals,Colors, house, drinks.
6. Regular or irregular
7. Translate the proverb’s sentences1) Ештен кеш жақсы2) Өз үйің өлең – төсегің3) Менің мұғалім болғым келеді4) Мен өткен жазда Алматыға бардым5) Менің апам  қысты жақсы көреді6) Менің досым үнемі кітапханаға барады8. Предлог, артикль қоюa.i.1. The lamp is on the table.a.i.2. They look at the map.a.i.3. Go to that city.a.i.4. The chip comes from London.a.i.5. You must tell this to Omar.a.i.6. Take the lamp from the table. 1) There is a break of fifteen minutes after the third lesson. 2) He has got a good mark in Russian. 3) The children read the text at the end of the lesson … 4) Hus the village a fine club for the children. 5) When the parents went to the concerts, the children played the games. You can see – books.9. Questions1) What is you name?2) Where are you?3) How are you?4) How old are you?5) What are your adders?6) How do you spell your name?7) Have you got an English book?How many books have you got?9) Whose book is this?10) What colour is your hair? (eyes)11)  Can you play the guitar?12) Where is my bag?13) When is your birthday?14) What does your father do?15) What do you want to be?16) What subject do you like?17) Is there a computer room in your school?18) Do you help in your house?19) What is you nationality?20)  Are you Kazakh or Uzbek?21) Where is Almaty?22)  What is your hobby?23) What subjects have you at school?
Again, bag, beautiful, corner, hobby, afternoon, ball, garden, corridor, four, day, week, cat, radio, place.Read, school, teacher, yard, library, solt, take, well, lesson, music, bread, break, address.Bad, write, book, rain, month, year, house, coat, winter, paper, woman, breakfast, snow.Chalk, placard, inattentive, sit, evening, copybook, celebrate, something, pen, gymnasium, last, stand, summer.Pencil, dance, blue, mother, duster, pupil, bookcase, dinner, doctor, blackboard, window, morning, table.Warm, New Year, engineer, red, look, tree, snowman, room, large, lamp, café, computer, any, boy.
The   Theme:   The   Splendid   seven. The  Aims:  1.Ағылшын  тілі   бойынша  білімдерін   тексеру,  жетілдіру.2.Ойындар,  сайыстар   арқылы    білім  деңгейлерін  көтеру, білімді   болуға  баулу. Қызығушылықтарын   арттыру. 3.Шапшаңдыққа,  ептілікке,  ұжымшылдыққа    баулу. Танымдық   белсенділіктерін    арттыру. The  Type:   knowledge    competation The   Method :  guestion-answers The   Aids:   balloons   cards,  a  tape- posters. slides
Good     morning    all     of   you!  We   are   glad   to   greet  you   at   our   party!  Today   we   have   a  knowledge  competation .  «The  splendid  Seven». First  of  all   let   me  introduce    our   teams  is   called  «Happy».  Now if  you    ready   lets   start  our game. First   of  all   each   other   you  must  introduce.
Flipchart 1
 Tour I.   The  5th  word   is   out  
1. pen,  book,   copybook,   bag    boy.
2. lake,  mountain,   sea,   river,   house.
3. a  living -room,    book,   bedroom,   house,   bathroom.
4. football,   tennis,  hat,   basketball,  a  horse  racing
5. t-shirt, hat, shoes, apple, shirt
6. banana, orange, apricot, sweets, plum.
Flipchart 2
Tour II. I read the theme and one player of one team he says the word from this theme and a player from another team, who must say his word about this theme.
Classroom  (blackboard, desk……..)
House  (kitchen, bedroom……..)
Colour (green, red….)
Number (one, three….)
Fruits (apple, banana….)
Families  (mother, father….)
Clothes (hat, skirt….)
Animals (bear, wolf…)
Flipchart 3
Tour III. Complete the crossword.
You must write your answers.
Flipchart 4
Tour IV. Find the hidden words which you know quite well.
Quite well.
acwherefdbook            ponkindwstreet     smbusejeefiveemlo      qnishelfxycatlpqtombluertesvmywx    tenzywhiteblcorxwyFlipchart 5
Tour V. “Guess the riddles”
I am tall. I am green.
In the woods I can be seen.
What am I?      (trees)
My face is black.
As black as night.
On it with chalk.
All pupils write.     (blackboard)
I am made of wood .I have four legs. People seat on me. I am… (chair)
This is a houseWith one window in it.
Showing films
Nearly every minute.  (a TV set)
I am black, red and blue
I draw everything for you go you. ( a pencil)
6. I am  old woman with twelve children? Some short, some long, some cold, some hot, what is it?
(a year)
7. who loves honey?        ( a bee)
To give a diploma to the winners.
The game is over.    You may be free . 

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