WILD LIFE 10 класс

Date: ___________
Form: 10
Aim: to be able to speak about wild life
План урока:
Орг.момент. Постановка целей и задач урока
Лексический минимум (работа по тексту, дискуссия)
Практическое задание (устная речь)Письменная речь
Практическое задание (устная речь)
Практическая грамматика (модальные глаголы)
№ Учебное задание Таксономия учебных задач по БЛЮМУ
(уровень) Время в мин. Организационная форма/ форма оценивания Использованный модуль программы
Общее время урока: 45 минут
1 1. Look at the words and say what will we talk about?
Deer, reptiles, Red book, birds, fish, National parks, Sunset
2. Tell me your associations when you listen to this word “wildlife”
3. There are some words on the interactive board, you should find their definitions:
EcologyP1: Study of plants and living things in relation to their environment.
EnvironmentP2: All the surroundings of an organism, including other living things, climate, air, water and soil.
Acid rainP3: When harmful gases from cars and factories released into the air fall back to the Earth with rain or snow.
RainforestsP4: Evergreen woodlands that receive at least 100 inches of rain a year, home to more than half of the world’s plants and animals.
HabitatP5: An area that provides animals and plants with food, water, shelter.
ConservationP6: The wise use of the environment 1.10 7 Индивидуальная -Обучение критическому мышлению (Ассоциации, кластер)
-Использование ИКТ в преподавании и обучении 2 1. Read the text (on the card) and answer the questions:
Student A reads the text:
People have lived on our planet for many years. They lived and lived on different continents in different countries. People depend on their planet, on the sun, on animals and plants around them.
Many animals and birds on the Earth are disappearing. Many of them are in danger. Indian tigers and African elephants are among them. People have hunted and killed many tigers in India and a lot of elephants in Africa. Tigers and elephants are often dangerous animals. Tigers can kill cows, sheep, other domestic animals and sometimes they can also kill men. Some people have often hunted tigers for fun and for their beautiful skin.
In 19th century Africa was full of elephants. But these days there are not many of them except in African parks. This is a sad story of Indian tigers and African elephants. But many less dangerous animals and birds are also disappearing from the Earth. We can find their names in the Red Book.
Student B answer the questions and say what this text is about.
1. What does the life of the people on Earth depend on?
2. Why are some animals and birds disappearing nowadays?
3. Are only Indian tigers and African elephants in danger?
4. Why can you find the names of some animals, birds and fish in the Red Book?
5. What must people do to save the wildlife?
6. What is the main idea of the text?
2. Present in the form of cluster our today’s theme Понимание
2.10 10 Групповая -Новые подходы в преподавании и обучении
- Обучение критическому мышлению
«Тонкие и толстые вопросы »
«Виноградная ветвь» 3 1.Describe the animal:
a) squirrel
b) elephant
c) leopard
d) whale
e) lizard
Students should be divided into three groups of 5 people. Everyone chooses one card and describes the animal, others should guess what animal it is. Применение
3.10 5 Групповая -Новые подходы в преподавании и обучении
- Обучение критическому мышлению
(ЗУХ) 4 1. Write true and false sentences about wildlife in Kazakhstan.
2.Read your sentences to the partner. He /she should say what is true and false. Анализ
4.10 3 Индивидуальная
Групповая -Новые подходы в преподавании и обучении
- Обучение критическому мышлению 5 1.What are the most important envies to wildlife in your opinion and why?
Write three reasons:
e.g: the growth of pollution in it’s many forms (air pollution, water pollution, land pollution);shortage of natural resources; destruction of wildlife; the growth of population; traffic noise; acid rains; the greenhouse effect; depletion of the ozone layer; radiation; deforestation and desertification; health and chemical safety; global warming.
2.Make up a Fishbone Синтез
5.10 10 Групповая Новые подходы в преподавании и обучении
- Обучение критическому мышлению
-Использование ИКТ
«Рыбная кость» 6 1. People say that animals are used for experiments. Why should/shouldn’t we kill animals.Animals are used for food agree disagree
Animals are used for medical reasons 2. Write an Essay “Why do we need wildlife?(individual task for pupils with great motivation to the subject and homework for others)
3. Complete the table
Было интересно Было сложно Хочу узнать больше о… Моя оценка за урок…,
потому что…
6.10 10 Индивидуальная Обучение критическому мышлению
-Использование ИКТ
-Обучение талантливых и одаренных детей
-Оценивание для обучения и оценивание обучения

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