Презентация Your future career

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Your future career
If we could know which road to takeIf we were told which choice to make We wouldn't need to hurryAnd nobody would worryLife would be just a piece of cake schoolfuture planscollegeInstitute / UniversityFuture career What professions do you know?Form the nouns:To write, to read, to drive, to translate, to work, to jump, to wait, to build, to run, to report, to travel, to teach, to compose, to sail, to manage, to direct, to kill, to decorate, to invent, to construct, to design, to inspect, to bake, to edit. Popular and prestigiousprofessionsTranslate the wordsA spaceman, a sportsman, a fireman, a fisherman, a milkman, a policeman, a postman, a businessman, a militiaman, a weatherman, a garbage man. Popular and prestigiousprofessionsDivide the words into three groups.A waiter, a bear, a pear, a journalist, an apricot, a goat, a librarian, an engineer, a melon, a cow, a composer, a shoemaker, a wolf, an apple, an inventor Popular and prestigiousprofessionsDivide the professions into 2 columns: manual labour, creative activity.A miner, a farmer, a manager, a carpenter, a singer, a milkman, a librarian, a baker, a teacher, a composer, a builder, a journalist, a fireman, a weatherman. Popular and prestigiousprofessionsWhat is the most prestigious profession?DeputyOligarchElectrician MilitiamanDoctorPresidentEngineer PoliticianLawyerFinancierHairdresser PilotOwnerShop assistant Military DentistMechanic Popular and prestigiousprofessionsGuess the professionI look after vegetablesI work at home. I clean and wash up.I like animals and I can treat them.I know English and work at school.I dance at theatre. Answer the questionsHave you chosen your future profession?What qualities and abilities characterize these professions?What subjects are important for your career?What do these professions with?Do you find these profession interesting and why?Answer the questions Profession of a teacherBy the work one knows the workman(Jean De La Fontaine)Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work(Aristotle) What is a teacher?What qualities and abilities does a (professional) teacher possess?What should and shouldn't he do? We think …To our mind …In our opinion …We suppose … What would you like to be? Why?I’d rather …I’d prefer …In my case I would …If had my way, I would … Your future career

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