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Russian Federation
Dear Mary,
Thanks a lot for your last letter. Sorry for not being in touch for so long.
Oh, I'm so happy I joined the school literature club! I'm just keen on reading, but unfortunately it's hard to find peers, who share my interest. Literature Club not only gives me an opportunity to find new friends, but also helps me find new amazing books and improve my orator's skills, because we always discuss various works and problems, standing there. Besides, we choose a book, which every member of the club should read, and then share our thoughts about it. It lets us see different points of view and perception. As you see, there’s nothing, you can help me with, but thanks for your willingness. Concerning my favorite writer, I don’t think I’ve already found him. Maybe, it’s because of having no time for reading at the moment. So, I’m still searching for one. And who is your favorite writer? Favorite genre? I’d like to know, what are you reading now?
Russian Federation
Dear Jane,
Thanks a lot for your last letter. Sorry for not being in touch for so long. My congratulations on your achievement!
Well, in Russia not so many women drive cars. Maybe, it’s because of some prejudices. However, I’d like to get a driving license, when I grow up. As for long-distance travelling, I’m sure, it’s better to use other means of transport. A plane or a train, for example. It’s more comfortable and less tiresome. I’m fond of travelling and really like it. But unfortunately I rarely have such an opportunity.
So, you’ve mentioned your sister. How old is she? What’s her name? Do you get along with each other? I hope, you do.
Oops. it seems, I have to go. Write back soon!
Russian Federation
Dear Andrea,
I was glad to receive your letter. Sorry, I haven’t answered earlier.
Poor you! It’s so boring to stay at home, especially when you’re ill. I had to stay in bed last autumn, because of my having been operated. Of course, it seems a good chance to get a rest from school at first, but after a few days you just can’t imagine how slowly the time pass. Books helped me. Start reading and time will run much faster. Besides, you can watch films or even serials. As for missing your school work, you may learn subjects by yourself during you illness and when you return to the lessons you’ll catch up everything easier.
By the way, what did you dad do on TV? How has he managed «a fear of stage»? I’d like to know, was he an interviewer or interviewed?
Sorry, now I have to go. Get better and be in touch!
Teens is the happiest time of your life.
Period of teens plays a great role in everybody’s life. And it’s believed this time is the happiest of your life. Is it really so?
I fully agree with the statement. Firstly, teenage years is the time of no problems and pure carelessness. You shouldn’t worry about financial problems or something like that, you just enjoy your life. Secondly, you have a lot of free time for various hobbies, which help you find yourself, and friends.
Meanwhile a lot of my friends support a contrary point of view. Initially, teens is the time of quite difficult choices and serious decisions. You have to make up your mind what to do in the future, what profession to choose. Besides, lots of teenagers face the problem of misunderstanding and social difficulties like treating by peers or endless quarrels with parents.
However I disagree with these opinion. Being a teenager I have so many positive moments and emotions: best friends, warm relationship with my parents and their great support and of course an incredible sense of first love.
To sum up I’d like to say though I respect the opinion of my friends I believe that our teens is the best time of our life. And I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible!
Nowadays a lot of school-leavers prefer to take a gap year before going to university.
Getting a good education is very important for everybody. But many young people aren’t sure university is what they really need after leaving school. I support this opinion and will try to prove it.
I fully agree with the statement. To begin with, choosing your future career is very complicated and serious. The majority of school-leavers are not ready to make such an important decision. Firstly, they should get some life experience and understand themselves. That’s why a lot of young people take a so-called «gap year». During this year they travel and work, learning new places and independent life. Moreover, it’s helpful to get some rest and gather new energy for university.
Meanwhile my parents stick to the contrary point of view. Initially, you lose the whole year and it can badly affect your knowledge. So your chances to enter a university reduce. Your mind needs practice and after a year of doing nothing it becomes difficult to come back to studying. Besides, getting older your aims change. Some day you’ll decide to create a family and then getting a high education will be more complicated.
However I don’t support this point of view. I think it’s better to mull over thoroughly such an important step in your life and it can’t be done until you sorted yourself.
In conclusion I’d like to say though I respect the contrary opinion I believe that going to university right after leaving school is not obvious and necessary.
Good relationships with other people is the most significant in achieving happiness.
Happiness is an aim of everybody’s life in this to that way. Some people feel our relationships with other people are more important in achieving this goal. Is it really so?
Personally I absolutely agree with the statement. Firstly, all of us need communication and without it we just can’t be happy. Every person should have somebody to share his interests and thoughts with, not to feel alone. Secondly, theres is no riches, which can replace love and support of the family and friends. Imagine someone, who is really rich, but totally alone. Do you think he is happy? I don’t.
Meanwhile there is the contrary point of view, that some material values are much more meaningful. Of course, if you’re poverty-stricken you won’t discuss values of good relationship or something like that. In such a critical situation people prefer wealth than friends. Besides, there are such people, who think that everything can be bought with money even respect and friendship. Maybe, it’s really so. But will these friends be real ones?
So, I don’t support the opposite opinion. Because for me it’s much more significant, when I can relay on somebody and trust him than having a big purse full of money.
In conclusion I’d like to say though I respect the contrary opinion I still believe good relationships play the main tole in becoming happy.

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