Тесты по английскому языку для студентов на каникулы

Задание 1
Выполнить тест
1.Исправьте ошибки:
New York is a city very big.
My mother works in a restaurant. Is a chef.My father watch football on TV.
He`s like playing tennis.
On Sundays we go the cinema.
Mark is pilot.
Mark is pilot.
Your family is very nice.
I like go to the gym.
Our school have a lot of student.
The childrens go to school near here.
We go to the bed at 11.00.
Spring and summer are my favorites seasons.
My sister no have a car.
Do you want a ice – cream?
Is near here, my school.3 семестр
Задание 5
Поставьте слова, чтобы получилось правильное предложение.
1.Bristol Daniel from comes
Daniel comes from Bristol.
2.journalist from is Peter a New York
3.married brother is your?
4.mountains sister skiing goes the in my
5.isn`t big my very town
6.your what name teacher`s is ?
7.surname how spell do your you ?
8.often weekends go I at sailing
Задание 6
Поставьте вопросы к данным ответам
1.What do you do?
(you/do) I`m an architect.2.___________________________
(Helen /start work) At 8.00
(Nicole and Jean/come) From France
(your wife`s) Sally.
(you/have) Three. Two boys and a girl
(you/like/taking photographs)
Yes, I do. I have a very good camera.

Задание 7
Вставьте данные глаголы в предложения
am/`m not is/isn`t are/aren`t does/doesn`t do/don`t
1.I` not English.
2.Where_____you from?
3.What time______the shop open?
4.My sister________eat meat because she_________a vegetarian.
5.I________hungry. How much_____a chicken salat?
6.Where_____you usually go on holidays?
7.Daddy, we_____want go to bed. We _____tired.8.Learning English ______boring! It`s interesting!
4 семестр
Задание: выполнить тест
1 Исправьте ошибки:
There is no bank near here.
Look at this photosIs there a box near here?
I at the airport at ten o,clock last night
She could to speak 3 languages
Where did you went last weekend?
The sofa is in front the window.
I don’t can go out because I have a lot
Of homework.In the kitchen is a table.
I was to the theatre last weekeng.
Who are these people over there?
I buyed a new DVD player.Did you watch the football on TV last evening?
Spanish people is very friendly.
I like cities because I can to go to good restaurants.
2.Поставьте глаголы в прошедшую форму.
Leonardo da Vinci (1) lived (live) in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. He was a student in Florence, where he(2) (study) painting, sculpture, and design. He(3) (begin) a lot of painting, but he(4) (non finish) many of them. His picture of the Mona Lisa is the most
Famous portrait in the world.Leonardo(5) (be) interested in many things. He(6) (want) to know about everything he saw. He examined the human body. He(7) (think) that the sun(8) (not go) round the earth. He(9) (write) music. He designed a flying machine
400 years before the first one flew. Many people(10) (not understand) his ideas. It is difficult to think that one man(11) (can) do so much.
5 семестр 4 курс
1 Is there a chemists near here?
2 There are two books on the table.
3 There are some flowers in the garden.
4 Are there any glasses in the cupboard?
5 I can ski, but I cant swim.
6 I couldn’t go to the party last night.
7 I was ill.
8 Where were you born?
9 I was born in Mexico.
10 She started work when she was twelve.
11 He didn’t like his first job.
12here did you go on holiday last year?
Задание 7.
1 Исправьте ошибки.
1 Where you live? (Where do you live)
2 Its very hot today-do you like something to drink?
3 Peter has got a lot of books, because he d like reading
4 How many brothers and sisters do you got?
5 How many money has he got?
6 Who s is that new car?
7 I m go home now, because its late.
8 Last night I went to the pub for to meet my friends.
9 Were going have a test next week.
10 I m wear my old clothes because I m going to clean the car.
11 uan is Spanish, he s coming from Madrid.
12 hat you doing this evening?
13My brother is more old than me.
14 I think is going to rain.
15 Your flat is bigger than my.
16 Who is the most rich person in the world?
8.Поставьте глаголы в правильной форме.
1 I often watch (watch) TV in the evenings, but tonight I m going (go) to the cinema.
2 Pierre (smoke) twenty cigarettes a day, but he (not smoke) now because he s in class.
3 Alice and Peter (look) for a new house. They (not like) living in London.
4 I always (wear) nice clothes for work. Today I (wear) a blue jacket and skirt.
5 Why you (go) to bed ? Its only 10.00. I always (go) to bed early.
6 Jane (work) in a bank, but today she s at home. She (write) emails.
6 семестр 4 курс
1.Исправьте ошибки:
1)We were in Paris last year.
2)Why you want to learn Italian?
3)She hasn`t never been to New York.
4)I`ve wrote to her three times and she hasn`t answered yet.
5)I didn`t enjoy the film. It was very bored.
6)How many times you been to Spain?
7)I`m very exciting about my holiday.
8)The students worked very hardly.
9)«Who`s keys are these?» «They` re Linda`s»
10)What kind books do you like reading?
11)Did you ever been to Ireland?
2.Задайте вопросы к утверждениям
1) John went to New York.
When did he go?
2) I`m tired.
Why_________________________?3) I don`t go to work by bus.
4) This mobile phone isn`t mine.
Whose_______________________?5) I met a famous film star.
Who__________you___________?6) Sarah`s bought a new car.
What kind___________________?
7) We saw Bill yesterday.
Where_________you__________?8) Sue`s watching a folmWhat_______________________?9) They`re going on holiday.
Where______________________?10) My brother left the party.
Why_______________________?11) She spent a lot of money.
How much__________________?
3Поставьте .прошедшее простое или настоящее завершенное.времена1) I saw/ have seen Jill yesterday.
2) I met / have met my boyfriend ten years ago.
3) My sister did never go / has never been to Italy.
4) I`m sorry. I didn`t finish / haven`t finished my work yet.
5) I ate/ have eaten a lot of ice-cream when I was a child.
6) They climbed / have climbed Everest in 2002.

2.2 Задания для промежуточной аттестации
Рассказать о себе, используя лексику по темам:
1Семья, родственные отношения
2Мой дом
3Моя комната
Выполнить тест(промежуточный контроль)

2 семестр
1Составление монолога по теме «Мой распорядок дня», используя лексику по теме
2 Выполнить тест(промежуточный контроль)
3 семестр

1Выполнить тест(промежуточный контроль)
2Рассказать о важности игры для дошкольника(монолог)
1 Выполнить тест(промежуточный контроль)
2Прочитать текст , перевести и определить главную идею
By the age of two, most children will be trying to copy real words and will chat to themselves. Encourage this as much as you can. Your child learns language from you, so talk to him as much as possible right from the start, even if you find it a bit embarrassing.
From about the age of three, children begin to make friends and enjoy the company of other children. If your child is very shy, he might prefer just to watch others play for a while. Try not to force him to take part. He’ll soon join in when he feels ready.
Now is the time when most children will be ready to start going to a playgroup or a nursery school and many will start “big school” before they are five. This is when many parents realize, perhaps for the first time, that their parenting efforts are suddenly on view to the public.
Starting school can be an overwhelming experience for some children, especially if they have not been going to a nursery or playgroup. Try to find time, right from the start, to talk to your child’s teacher about any worries you or your child may have. You may also need to be extra patient for a while, as your child may find starting school quite a struggle at first, and may get tired and cross more quickly.
5 семестр
1Выполнить тест(промежуточный контроль)
2Рассказать о родном городe6 семестр
1выполнить тест(промежуточный контроль)
2Прочитать текст, выделить основную мысль
It can take time for love for you baby to grow, so don’t worry if you are one of the many parents who don’t feel love instantly. You cant spoil a new baby. The more you cuddle and attend to his or her needs, the more the love between you will grow. This is your baby, so try not to compare his or her progress or personality with those of other babies, all babies, like adults, are different. Listen to your baby or children to learn what he or she needs. Trust your own instincts more than the advice of well-meaning friends. Don’t tell your children they are being naughty when what you really mean is that you are finding it difficult to cope with their behavior. Most two-year-olds have temper tantrums-usually, because they are frustrated and want to do more than they are able to do. As they get older the tantrums should stop. Distracting children from behavior you don’t like is much better than punishing them for it.

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