Презентация по английскому языку на тему HOW GREEN YOU ARE? (6 класс)

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ЗАЩИТА ОКРУЖАЮЩЕЙ СРЕДЫ New words LITTER SPOIL VIEW FINE LITTER BUG LITTER BIN DESTROY WILDLIFE DAMAGE NATURE POLLUTE AIR DISTURB ANIMALS - МУСОР- ПОРТИТЬ- ВИД- ШТРАФ- БРОСАЮЩИЙ МУСОР- МУСОРНЫЙ БАК- РАЗРУШАТЬ ДИКУЮ ПРИРОДУ- ПОВРЕЖДАТЬ ПРИРОДУ- ЗАГРЯЗНЯТЬ ВОЗДУХ- БЕСПОКОИТЬ ЖИВОТНЫХ LITTER IS A PROBLEM Litter is food, paper and cans on the ground. People don’t always put their litter in the litter bin. Litter makes the place look dirty and spoils the view of the city.Litter is a health problem. It brings illness. Some people want to control litter. They never throw litter themselves. In most cities the law punish people who throw litter on the streets. They usually pay a fine. Don’t be a litter bug. Match the words with their meanings litter a litter bin a fine spoil a litter bug a view Many people pay as punishment. To damage something so that it becomes useless. Everything that a person can see Garbage on the ground or in the street. A special bin for litter. A person who throws. ANSWERS: 1 D 2 E 3 A 4 B 5 F 6 C YOURS MATTERS: 1 mistake - 5 2 mistakes - 4 3 mistakes - 3 4 mistakes - Try again! Зарядка для глаз Look left, look right, Посмотри на лево, посмотри на право, Look up, look down, Посмотри вверх, посмотри вниз, Look around. Посмотри вокруг.Look at your nose, Посмотри на нос, Look at that rose. Посмотри на цветок. Close your eyes, Закрой глаза Open and smile! Открой и улыбнись! Discuss Is litter a problem in your street ? Do most people in your street put their litter in the litter bin? Does the law punish people who throw litter on the street? Do those people pay a fine? How can your street? Put the words in the right order. newspapers/ to a recycling/ Give/ company.energy/ save/ Learn/ to.instead of/ take a shower/ a both.throw/ empty/ Don’t/ bottles. Write green rules for all people Don`t pollute water.Don`t ……………Don`t ……………Don`t ……………Don`t……………. Your home tasks Learn by heart of the new words.You need doing the test on pages 94 – 95.Write a litter story giving advice to a friend who wants to know what he/she can do to help the environment. We must keep our environment clean. OUR LESSON IS OUT.

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