Theme: Health habits

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МКҚК «Құрманғазы атындағы саз колледжінің»
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Theme: Health habits
Сабақтың мақсаты: Денсаулық тақырыбына байланысты оқушылардың білім, білік дағдыларын қалыптастыру.
Дамытушылығы:оқушылардың ағылшын тілінде өз ойларын еркін жеткізу, сөздік қорларын байыту.
Тәрбиелігі: Денсаулыққа көңіл бөлу, спортпен шұғылдануға тәрбиелеу.
Көрнекілігі:Интерактивті тақта, үлестірмелер.
Сабақтың түрі: жаңа сабақ
Procedure of the lesson.
Organization moment
asking about dates, absentees, etc.
introducing the aims of the lesson
Checking – up home task
Survey –шолу, зерттеу
Indicate – көрсету,сілтеу
Continuous – толассыз, үздіксіз
Prevent – сақтап қалу
What causes sleeplessness?
Answer the questions.
How many hours of sleep do we need?
How does sleep help you?
What causes insomnia?
In what way does insomnia make our life difficult?
Presentation of the theme
The theme of our lesson is ‘Health habits’
How can translate: health - денсаулық
habits – әдеттер
Habits divided into bad habits
good habits
Let’s make a list of good and bad habits.
Who can help me?
Good habits:
Eating fruits and vegetables
Doing morning exercises
Keeping of a day regime
Healthy sleep
Bad habits:
Drinking alcohol
Mobile phones
Working on a
watching TV
2. New words
Afford – мүмкіндік беру
To damage – зиян
To threaten –қауіп төндіру
To collapse -құлау
A dangerous -қауіпті
Obsession –берілі
3. Do exercises
Read the text “Health habits” Ex:12 p:63
When Erlan was eight, he seemed to be very interested in computers. His parents knew that he would love to have one, but they couldn’t afford to buy one.
He learned how to use his friend’s computer, but he couldn’t wait to get one of his own.
His father decided to work extra hours to buy him a computer. At first his fathers let him use it for an hour a day. He didn’t want it to damage his eyes.
By the time Erlan was fourteen he had become very good at using his computer, but it was his only hobby.
His parents wanted him to go out, but he had very few friends and he didn’t want to. Nobody persuaded him to do anything and nothing could make him turn his computer off.
In the end, his father threatened to turn off the electricity. Erlan went to bed and pretended to be asleep, but at midnight he got up to work at the computer again. He didn’t want to sleep or to eat. He just couldn’t bear to be away from his computer.
His parents didn’t know what to do. Their son had become a computer addict. Even the family doctor didn’t know how to help. One morning Erlan’s mother found him lying on the floor. He has collapsed with exhaustion. A fortnight in hospital finally made Erlan realize that his computers had become a dangerous obsession. Now Erlan is sixteen. He has lots of friend and hobbies. He hopes to study computers science at university and would like to find a job in computers research.
(Before reading the text students study new words in the boxes pay attention to the pronunciation of the words)
4 – 5 students read the text and the will translate the text with my help.
Grammar. Infinitive.
1. Инфинитив төмендегі етістіктерден кейін қолданылады:
Verb+ to+ infinitive: agree, choose, forget , decide, want
e.g. He seemed to be very interested in computers.
2.Object +to + infinitive: advice, allow, ask, prefer
e.g. He didn’t want it to damage his eyes.
3. to +infinitive after the question words
He learned how to use his friend’s computer.
4.Infinitive without to after ‘make’, ‘let’, ‘help’
E.g. At first his father let him use it for an hour a day.
V. Work with your partner. What advice would you give to a frequent computer user? Write some ideas and read them to the class.
Pupil 1: You shouldn’t sit up late, it damages your eyes.
Pupil 2:Don’t be a computer addict.
Pupil 3:You should sit at the computer only 1 hour.
Useful and healthy habits
Work in group:
Bad habits
1.makes our teeth yellow and our clothes smell.
2. pupil have problems with their hair and skin.
3. Causes a cough, damages breath organs
II. Drinking alcohol
causes slow reactions and loss of memory
makes your brain centre sleep and affects your social controls.
makes our speech unclear.
Conclusion. Giving the home task. To write a topic about ‘‘Health’’
Marks for the lesson

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