Краткосрочный план по английскому языку на тему Present Perfect Tense. Batyrkhan Shykenov(7 класс)

Lesson Planning
Grade: 7 Lesson: English Teacher: Ziinova A.A.
Theme: Unit 7 Present Perfect Tense. Batyrkhan Shykenov.
Learning objective:
To present new grammar material “Present Perfect Tense”
Learning outcomes:
at the end of the lesson students should be able to:
identify how to make up sentences in the Present Perfect Tense.
Type of the lesson: Explanation of the new material.
Types of working: Individually work,  pair work, group work,
Resources: Active board, handouts, video
Visual aids: Slide presentations: “Present Perfect Tense”, B. Shykenov.
Book: Student’s Book, Work Book “Messages 3”.
The Procedure of the Lesson
Lesson Stages Teacher’s activity Students’ activity
I.Organization moment
2 min.
questions about date, day of the week, homework.
checking up homework.
dividing class into 2 groups: №1 “Goodwill” №2 “Ambassador”. greetings.
answer on the questions.
ex. 1,2 p.36 (work book)
say the rules of group working.
II. Presentation of the new grammar material
3 min.
Explanation / asking questions concerning with today`s lesson.
draws a flower on the sheet of paper and says: “I am drawing a flower”. What am I doing?
Several minutes later teacher says:” I have just drawn a flower”. What have just I done? Students answers:
You are drawing a flower.
Students try to answer
5 min. What is the difference between these sentences?
Says the theme.
Introduce with the objective of the lesson by the help of the slide presentation. Write the theme of the lesson.
Look at the presentation and in groups discuss the formation of the tense, read the sentences. (+ - ?)
III. Practice the grammar
2 min.
Give the tasks.
do this exercise orally.
In groups do ex.1(a) p. 38 (Work Book)
The task is complete the table with the regular /irregular verbs.
5 min.
do this exercise in written form.
In pairs do ex/1 (b) p.38 (Work Book) The task is ask/answer the questions: What have these people done? They have bought some new shoes. Etc.
3 min.
Activity “Things people do”.
One of the student stands in front of the class and show the actions, the rest of the class should complete the sentences: You have just dropped the pencil. Etc.
3 min. Activity “Changes places…”
If you have not been at the canteen yet
If you have been at the shop
If you have eaten the breakfast
If you have visited the dentist. Several students sit in front of the class (in a circle) listening to the teacher’s sentences and if they have done this they must change their places.
IV Presentation and practice the vocabulary
3 min. “A Goodwill ambassador – B. Shykenov”
A short rest, class listens to the song.
Have you ever heard this song? Who is the singer of it? What do you know about him?
Slide presentation about the singer. - Students exchange their opinions in groups, say what they know about Batyrkhan Shykenov.
- answer on the teacher’s questions about the singer
5 min. New words from the text:
Goodwill ambassador, UNICEF
responsibility, to make a career, violence, poverty, achieve.
Students read the text about him “Helping others” on p. 79 (Student’s book)
True/False sentences
Make up questions on the text and answer.
3 min. Teacher asks the class to share the ideas: Have you helped other people? What is your opinion of helping others? What other famous Goodwill ambassadors do you know? What can you do for our country? Students answers.
V Reflection. Feedback. Giving homework.
2min. What have you already done? Say about today’s lesson.
Fill in self-assessment sheets.
3 min. Homework:
Ex. 1,2, p.41 (Work book) Write down the homework
Write “Two stars and one wish” on the stickers”.

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