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Influence of American English on Britain English or what type of Language we should learn at schoolПроект подготовила Филиппова А.А. ученица 10 класса МОУ СОШ №4Учитель: Сердюкова Н.Н. Aims and tasksAim: Decide how we can solve the problem of misunderstanding.Tasks: - Collect the material about our theme; - Conduct a social survey of high school students; - Analyze the responses and make an output; - Make an analysis of textbooks («Enjoy English» by Biboletova for 2-9 classes ) for the maintenance Americanized vocabulary ; - Make the list of words and conclusion; - Raise an erudition; - Develop the ability to form an opinion and the ability to defend it. First Chapter Facts:1) Number of native speakers (American English 70% against 17% of Britain English).2) More powerful economic of USA compared with Great Britain.3) A bigger amount of high educational institutions in USA4) Scale typographic US industry5) The significance of the impact of American mass media and information technologies on a global scale6) The appeal of American pop culture and its influence on the language and way of life around the globe7) The international political and economic situation in the United States. Differences between AE and BE The second chapter PracticeEnjoy English – 8’th class Enjoy English – 4’th class The results of public opinion poll Opinions of people OpinionsЛера Винник, г.Саратов The ConclusionWe should learn the correct language. According to many Russian linguists and teachers, such language is British English it is, rather, that part of it which is called the «accepted standard». Correct basic English is required, by the way, in order to understand the other language variants, dialects and features. A man with good classic English never lost and, if necessary, is easy enough to be able to regroup, to get used to another modification of the language, including American English. Thank you for your attention

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