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Wild Animals A leopard on sizes considerably yields to the lion. Weight of large men is not exceeded by 90 kilograms. It does not interfere with a leopard, to hunt on a large antelope and young giraffes. Booty a certain predator usually hides in the branches of trees. He worn out antelope or pig on a tree. In the shortage of large leopard of booty easily catch on shallow living creatures: beetles, rodents, birds and monkeys. Sometimes fishes even. Leopard cannibals, although rarely, but meeting. So, in the last century by the victims of reckless leopard ate, living in India, 125 persons . LEOPARD IRBIS KANNA- the largest antelope. Weight of males arrives at one ton. Cannes is careful and fearful. For grown man antelope a danger presents only lion. On youths of animals leopards, cheetahs and гиеновые dogs, attack often. Cannes well live in a captivity. In South Africa they are conducted in the special pound and milk, as home cows. Milk for this antelope is very delicious and useful. KANNA YAK A yak lives in the tops of mountains whitch are covered with eternal snows. Thick and long wool serves as the warm bedding, when a bull lies down on snow. A yak is high in shoulders, almost 2 meters, and весит about ton. Surprisingly, although he and bull, but his long tail looks FENEK FENEK- little African chanterelle with enormous ears. Why to the small child such ears-giants? FENEK lives in the desert, and wonderful ears rescue him from an overheat. In spite of such adaptation, chanterelle prefers to hunt at nights, when an unendurable heat falls. Conducts the daily clock of FENEK in a burrow. Chanterelle catches lizards, rodents and birds. Well gets with venomous snakes and in great numbers eats up a locust. FENEK- the real deserted habitant and able long time to do without water.

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