Mothers Day Небольшая сценка

Mother’s day
Show-host 1 :Spring is coming, I can feel it,
How soft is the morning air!
Birds are singing, buds are peeping,
Life and joy area everywhere!
Show-host 2:
The sun is so bright today
Because it is the Mother’s Day.
The sky is so blue today,
Because it’s Mother’s Day.Our Mums are so nice today,
We wish them “Happy Mother’s Day!”
Show-host 1: Today is the 8th of March. We would like to thank our Mums for everything and make them happy today.
Show-host 2: Our Mums are the nicest, the kindest, the cleverest and the most careful in the world! But they are always busy, busy with their jobs, with household duties and with our problems.
Show-host1: I agree with you. Our Mums get up early. But we don’t want to get up.

Dear kate!
Don’t be late!
Wake up!
It’s seven sharp!
Oh, Mummy, dear!
I can hardly hear
What you say,
Please let me stay,
In my bed,
I’m a sleepy head.
Sleepy Kate!
You are late!
Get up!
It’s eight o’clock sharp!
Oh, Mummy, please,
Leave me in peace.
My eyes are shut.
I can’t get up!
Lazy Kate!
I can’t wait!
Please get up!
It’s nine o’clock sharp!
It’s Monday today.
Such a difficult day!
I’m so stressed
And a bit depressed,
And I need some rest
To be at my best.
Shameless Kate!
Listen what I say!
It’s nearly mime and a quarter!
I’ll bring a bucket of water
And pour it out the pail
As my words and actions fail!
Please, no, no, no!
It’s time for me to go!
Show-host 1: Such a way our Mums solve the problems. That’s why our Mums are the most patient. We love our Mums and like to argue about who loves them best.
Show-host 2:
Who loves Mummy best?
Can you answer, little Fred?
I love my Mummy best!
I give her flowers, white and red.
Show-host 2:
Who loves Mummy best?
Can you answer, little May?
I love my Mummy best!
With her I always play.
Show-host 2:
Who loves Mummy best?
Can you answer, little Joe?
When she asks to help her
I always do so.
Show-host 2:
We want to say you the best words to you, our dear Mums. We love you very much! This song is for you!

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