Урок английского языка на тему «Food»

The Theme: I’d like a hamburger.The Aim: Understanding the meaning of text “The USA” . Drilling “I comes from…”Visual Aids: pictures, new words, cardsType of the lesson: Introduction of new materialMethods of the lesson: question-answers,new words and speaking.The contents of the lessonI. Organization moment. Putting questions to each other.a) GreetingGood morning, pupils! I’m glad to see you.
Thank you, sit down.  «События вашей жизни напрямую зависят от вашего настроения»,- считал английский писатель Уолли Эймос. И я желаю, чтобы у вас всегда было хорошее настроение, и надеюсь, что наш урок  будет этому способствовать.
- Look at each other and smile and say “Hello”
Today we’ll continue to introduce with the theme “Food”, we’ll introduce with the new words, text, listen the dialog and play, and do other things. Ok, and at first answer my questions.
-How are you?
- Where are you from?
- What date is it today?- What season is it now?- What spring month do you know?- What do you like to eat?
- what do you like to drink?- What do you want to be?
Ok. Children, today we’ll continue to say about food and I want to repeat the words about food.
2.1.Детям предлагается вспомнить изученные слова по теме «Еда».
– Listen to me and finish:
И сказал нам дядя Круз:
Сок отличный, сок…. JuiceЯиц десяток купила Пег
Яйца по-английски… eggs.
Что как рыба ты молчишь?
Рыба по-английски… fish.
Чаем с сахаром угощу я друга,
Сахар по-английски… sugar.
Очень любит хлеб Фред,
Хлеб по-английски… bread.
При виде мяса кот урчит,
Мясо по-английски… meat.
Бутерброд с ветчиной я ем,
Ветчина конечно… ham.
Кило сыра съел кот Маркиз,
Сыр, сырочек будет … cheese.
Знают дети: обезьяна
Любит фрукт, что звать … banana.
Запах чудесный , нельзя ошибиться!
Это ж друзья, итальянская …pizza.
What other words do you know?
Дети вспоминают слова, которые не назвали.
To prepare our tongue for correct pronunciation of some name of food we should look at sound and read them:
[ai] -like, ice cream, rice - Will you name the words with this sound?
[i] - milk, chicken, biscuits, chips - Will you name the words with this sound?
[θ]-thank, thank you -Will you name the words with this sound?
[ʧ] - Chuckles, Cherry, cheese - Will you name the words with this sound?
Well done! Thank you!II.Checking –up the homework.Now, children, let’s check- up your home task. – What is your homework? Your homework was writing exercise and reading the dialogue and translate into Russian.- Who is ready for the lesson?- Are you ready?And now I want to check how do learn the words.III. New lesson. You can see countries and fruits on it.
Today we’ll listen the dialog, and the title of the dialog is “In Kazakhstan, where do fruits come from?” I take you some cards. Now we’ll read and translate together. You must to listen and write where every kind of fruits come from.
Now, we’ll check up together. Dialog 1, 2, 6, 3,7, 4, 8, 5, 9, 10
Ok. And today we’ll say. In the USA where does food come from?
Open your books at page 129? And now we’ll read and translate together. Good for you.
I say the sentences in Russia and you find it in English.
Answer for my questions.
Where does meat come from? Meat comes from…
True or false….Физ. минутка
New words
Read and translate together. (назовите слова с открытым слогом, закрытым, двойная о, к перед н) Повторяем. Называем посуду используемую с посудой.
Juice – glass, meat – fork, knife, potato – plate, tea – glass, pizza – plate, soup – plate,
Ok. Look at the blackboard and say me what different between these rows?
Bread orange
Meat potato
Juice cake
Milk apple
Soup sandwich
Ok, you are right.
Хлопаем, топаем.
Right the exc. 11?
Today we’ll have a guest. And he has a trouble. He said: I like to eat sweets, cakes, honey. I am very fat. Help me please. Let’s help him.

Дай совет медвежонку:
Eat __________________________________________________________
Don’t eat_____________________________________________________
Drink ________________________________________________________
Don’t drink____________________________________________________
You must _____________________________________________________
You must not__________________________________________________
You’ll have for minutes for these work in writing form.
На блюдо полезные и вредные продукты!!! (в помощь медвежонку).

VII. Homework.a) To learn vocabulary by heart.b) c) Exercise 12.13 p.145. Writing.The lesson is over. You were so active.Good bye!
1. It is green and long. (Сucumber)
2. It is yellow and long. It is very tasty. (Banana)
3. It is big and round, green outside and red inside. (Watermelon)
4. It is white outside and yellow inside. (Egg)
5. It is white and sweet. All children like it. We usually put it into tea. (Sugar)
6. It is red and round. We make salad from it. (Tomato)
7. It is white. Little children usually drink it. (Milk)
8. They are little and round. (Peas)
9. We usually have it for dinner. (Soup)
10. It is white, sweet and cold. It is very tasty and all the children like it very much. (Ice-cream)
11. Little old uncle, dressed in brown. Take off his coat... How tears run down! (Onion)
12. They don't eat me alone,
But cannot eat without me.
What am I? (Salt
13. The apple which grows on the pine. (Pine-apple)
14. It has very many shirts. It is white and round. (Cabbage)
15. The berry which grows on the straw. (Strawberry)
16. It has the name of a vitamin. (Carrot)
17. Its name is its colour. (Orange)
18. It is brown outside and white inside. It is a vegetable. (Potato)
19. The berries which the goose likes. (Gooseberry)
20. It is named "brown'' in England and "black" in Russia. (Bread)
21. You cannot eat it, but you cannot eat food without it. (Salt)
22. You smile when you name it. The mouse likes it very much. (Cheese)
– Yes, I do. I love it.
– Do you chocolate?
– Yes, I do. I love it.
– Do you like pizza?
– Yes, I do. I love it.
– Do you like milk? – No, I don΄t. I hate it.
– Do you like potato? – No, I don΄t. I hate it.
– Do you like onion? – No, I don΄t. I hate it.
Thank you, pupils.
8. На дом дается сочинение по теме. (Всем ученикам раздается опорная схема.)
Our Family Meals.We usually have…meals a day. They are… . For breakfast we have. We take lunch at … o΄clock. We eat a plate of… and … . We drink… . Our dinner is at … . Mum cooks roast … . For desert we have … . Supper is often a cup of … .In Kazakhstan, Where do apples (oranges, raisins, bananas) come from?
Apples come from (Kazakhstan, Georgia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan)
Заполни таблицу.
Pakistan Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Georgia
Apples Oranges Bananas Raisins 1.дескриптор
2. слова
3. продукты
4. Ватман
5. Распечатать листик с медведем
Archive –эчивКласс: 5 АТема урока: I’d like a hamburger.
C Верный порядок слов в предложении. Слова написаны без ошибок Тема раскрыта Написано 5-6 предложений по теме Пунктуация Использование подходящих по смыслу слов Класс: 5 АТема урока: I’d like a hamburger.
A Понимание содержание текста Извлечение необходимой информации из текста Умение использовать полученную информацию в устной речи Верное выполнение заданий Класс: 5 АТема урока: I’d like a hamburger.
C Верный порядок слов в предложении. Слова написаны без ошибок Тема раскрыта Написано 5-6 предложений по теме Пунктуация Использование подходящих по смыслу слов

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