Презентация школьной научно-исследовательской работы на английском языке по теме Traditional Scottish Music. Bagpipe music

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Student: Tanya Samodurova the 8-th formTutor: S. V. VolvenkinaEnglish teacher Traditional Scottish Music. Bagpipe music. Actuality of the workResults of the survey Do you know the name of the famous Scottish musical instrument? Do you know something about different types of bagpipes? Do you know the origin of a bagpipe? NOBODY KNOWS Would you like to learn how to play a bagpipe? Do you like bagpipe music? The purpose of our work is to make clear interesting and unknown facts about the traditional Scottish bagpipe The object of our work is traditional Scottish music and its actuality The Scottish bagpipeTypes of bagpipesThe history of the originInstrument deviceThe rules of playing bagpipe musicThe research subject Make a survey among the students of our school concerning knowledge and interest to a bagpipe and analyze results of it;Know if there are some common historical roots in bagpipes in different countries;Study the history of the origin of a bagpipe;Learn how to play bagpipe music;Discover the popularity of bagpipe music nowadaysThe aims Special rhythms connected with folk dances The Great Highland bagpipe The bagpipe is a traditional musical wind instrument. A modern set has a bag, a chanter, a blowpipe, two tenor drones, and one bass drone. 9 notesC - ДОD - РЕE – МИF - ФАG – СОЛЬ - low G, high G A – ЛЯ - low A , high A B - СИ The introduction of bagpipes to Scotland - approximately the 15th century Ancient legends and stories about bagpipes In Europe the bagpipes appeared only in the Middle ages. First in Ireland, and then in Scotland The Scottish troops went into battle with the sound of bagpipes because it annoyed the British Types of bagpipes in different countries Irish bagpipe Irish version of the bagpipes, finally took shape by the end of the 18th century. Spanish bagpipecombines the best qualities of both Scottish and Eastern European bagpipes. Armenian bagpipe a close relative of Irish bagpipes Belorusian bagpipe - Duda Bulgarian bagpipe Italian bagpipe 2 types — North Italian and South Italian Russian bagpipe Russian bagpipe is made from a sheep or an ox Ukrainian bagpipe is called "goat. Covered with goat skin, attach the clay goat head, and tube styled legs with hooves The technique of playing bagpipe music Popular in Europe and Russia Victory day in Moscow The 1-st Moscow festival "Kremlin Zorya 2007" Moscow & District Pipe Band Оркестр Волынщиков Москвы Первый профессиональный оркестр шотландских волынок и барабанов в России Scottish dance school «Shady Glen» Thank you for attention

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