Контрольная работа 7 класс Биболетова Unit 2. Контрольная работа содержит материал по страноведению, лексический материал по изученной теме и грамматический материал ( Passive Voice ) Цель работы прверить знания учащихся по теме: Meet the Winners of the

7 класс Контрольная работа unit 2 Enjoy English
Part 1.Match the countries and their capitals
1. Russia a) London
2. The USA b) Wellington
3. New Zealand c) Ottawa
4. Australia d) Moscow
5. The UK e) Washington
6. Canada f) Canberra
Part 2. Choose the correct item.
1. English spoken in …is often called Kiwi English.
a) Australia b) New Zealand c) Canada
2. The maple leaf is the official emblem of ….
a) Great Britain b) Canada c) Australia
3. The official languages of New Zealand are ….
a) English and French b) English and Maori c) English and Italian
4. …. is the biggest island and the smallest continent in the world.
a) New Zealand b) Great Britain c) Australia
5. Sometimes ….. is called “ the Lucky Country “.
a) Australia b) Canada c) the USA
6. ….. is sometimes called “ The World’s Biggest Farm”
a) Great Britain b) Australia c) New Zealand
7. ……. is an island state.
a) Great Britain b) Canada c) the USA
8. The second important language in the USA is …..
a) Spanish b) French c) Maori
9. The official languages of Canada are … a) English and French b) English and Maori c) English and Spanish
10. … looks like Italy upside down.
a) New Zealand b) Great Britain c) Australia

Part 3. Complete each sentence with one of the word combinations below:
Round the world, is situated, continent, population, success, mother tongue, collects his thoughts, was awarded, official languages, collect.
1. Australia is the only country in the world which occupies the whole ……
2. There are two …… in Canada: English and French.
3. Canada …..in North America.
4. The famous actor …… a prize.
5. My friends …… stamps.
6. They visited many countries. They travelled …….
7. Her new song was a great ……..
8. If he …….. he will get a good mark.
9. I’m from Russia. My … is Russian.
10. The USA has the third largest … in the world.
Part 4. Put the verbs in the correct form of the passive voice.
1. My room (to clean) every week.
2. This film (to show) last Sunday.
3. They (to ask) at the lesson tomorrow.
4. New Year (to celebrate) all over the world.
5. This book (to publish ) next month.
6. She (to award) a prize last year.
7. The letter (to write) yesterday.
8. The rules (to explain) by teachers every lesson.
9. The post office (to close) on Sundays.
10. Betty (to meet) at the station yesterday.
Part 5. Translate into Russian.
1. We were invited to the party last Sunday.
2. Bread is eaten every day.
3. Nick will be met at the airport next Friday.
4. English is spoken all over the world.
5. This school was built five years ago.

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