А?ылшын тілі п?нінен саба? жоспары Numbers 11 — 20 2сынып

The plan of the lesson
Form: 2 "Б"
Date: 26.11.2016
The theme of the lesson: Numbers 11-20. What's your favourite toy? I. The aim of the lesson:
1. Educational: to deepen pupils' knowledge of the numerals in the English language; to learn how to use cardinal numbers from 10 to 20 in written and oral forms.
2. Developing : to develop pupils' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills; to develop pupils' contextual guess and verbal response.
3. Bringing up: to teach pupils to respect each other, to broaden pupils’ minds, to raise their interest in learning foreign language.
Type of the lesson: new lesson, grammar
Methods of the lesson: mixed
Visual aids: pictures of the people, an interactive board.
Procedure of the lesson:
I.​ Organization moment (Greeting)( 1мин)
T: Good morning, pupils !
P: Good morning, teacher!
T: I’ m glad to see you!
P: We are glad to see you, too!
T: How are you today?
P: We are fine, thank you.
T: Sit down, please.
II.​ Phonetic drills: (2 мин)
Now, children let's revise how to pronounce numbers. Look at the blackboard!
Let's read the poem about numbers all together. Please repeat after me:
One is a number,
Two is a number,
Three is a number,
Number five is before six,
And number seven is more!
Eight is a number,
Nine is a number,
Now we come to ten…
And we are back at one again!
Well done children! Good for you!
III Checking up homework. (5 мин)
Let's continue our lesson with the checking up your homework. What was your homework for today? Are you ready children? If so, let's start. Please, raise up your hands who is ready?
VI.​  New theme "Numbers 11-20. What's your favourite toy?" (3 мин)
Well, let’s start the new lesson. Today first we will learn to count from 11 to 20 and sum this numbers. After this we will talk about your favourite toys. If you are ready, look at the picture and  repeat after me.
eleven - [ ı'Ievn ] - он бір
twelve - [ twelve ] - он екі
thirteen - ['Ѳә:ti:n] - он үш
fourteen - [ fο:'ti:n ] - он төрт
fifteen - [ 'fіf'ti:n ] - он бес
sixteen - [ 'siks'ti:n ] - он алты
seventeen - [ 'sevn'ti:n ] - он жеті
eighteen - [ 'ei'ti:n ] - он сегіз
nineteen - [ 'naın'ti:n ] - он тоғыз
twenty - [ twentı] - жиырма
Thank you very much, good job! Let's continue our lesson.
V. Brainstorming (4 мин)
Please, look at the blackboard and see the ways of creating the numbers from 13 to 19. As you see the numbers from thirteen to nineteen formed by adding the ending teen to the numbers 3 to 9.
Repeat after me:
11 eleven
12 twelve
13 three + teen = thirteen
14 four + teen = fourteen
15 five + teen = fifteen
16 six + teen = sixteen
17 seven + teen = seventeen
18 eight + teen = eighteen
19 nine + teen = nineteen
20 twenty
Thank you! Well done!
VI. Exercise 2, page 46 from Pupils book. Do the sums at the market.
(7 мин)
Open your Pupils book on page 46. Ex.2. Let's do the sums. Read, please.
Five and seven are twelve 5+7=12. Who will write this in written form?
First we will learn to say sums and then write.
10+3=13 ten and three are thirteen
15+4=19 five and four are nineteen
12+6=18 twelve and six are eighteen
11+6=17 eleven and six are seventeen
6+7=13 six and seven are thirteen
14+1=15 fourteen and one are fifteen
8+9=17 eight and nine are seventeen
17+2=19 seventeen and two are nineteen
10+10=20 ten and ten are twenty
VII. Warming up. (5 мин)

Listen to the songs and sing together! (Numbers and With my foot I tap, tap, tap)
With my foot I tap, tap, tap,
With my hands I clap, clap, clap,
Right foot first,
Left foot then,
Round and round and back again.
YII. Exercises 1-3 from Workbook (5 мин)
Let's do exercises from 1 to 3 from Workbook in written form.
VIII. Exercise 1, page 48 from Pupils book. Listen and repeat. (3 мин.)
First new words:
toy - ойыншық
favourite - сүйікті
ball - доп
doll - қуыршақ
car - көлік
kite- батпырауық
Now let's read the poem. Please repeat after me.
I like toys,
Cars and balls,
Kites and dolls are
My favourite toys.
Can you say to me what is your favourite toy?
IX. Result. Exercise 2, page 42 (5 мин)
Let's listen to the dialogue and translate it into Kazakh.
- What's your favourite toy? Is it a doll?
- Yes, it is. Look! What a pretty doll!
- What's your favourite toy? Is it a car?
- No, it isn't. Guess.
- Is it a ball?
- No, it isn't.
-Is it a kite?
- No, it isn't.
- Is it a kite?
- No, it isn't. It is a robot. Look at it!
X.​ Homework:  (2 мин)
Open your diaries and write down your homework. Your homework from Pupils book - Ex 4, p 47 - say in English. To learn by heart the new words. From Workbook Ex. 4, p36 in written form.
XI. Marking (3 мин)
The lesson is over.
Thank you for your work. Your marks for today are excellent.
Please, stand up! Good-bye children!

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