Грамматический тест по 1 и 2 модулям УМК Spotlight, 7 класс, 2 вариант

grammar TEST 1
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms (Present Simple / Present Continuous / Past Simple / used to):
What _______ (this sign/mean)?
She is very rich. She _______ (own) a department store.
He _______ (not/have) bacon and eggs for breakfast.
They _______ (not/go) to Moscow tomorrow.
She _______ (revise) for the test this week.
He _______ (not/study) very hard this week.
She _______ (not/usually/sit) in the garden during term time.
Normally she _______ (take) the bus to school at eight o'clock.
They _______ (usually/have) lunch at one.
The sun _______ (get) hotter.
He _______ (usually/work) in his office till six.
They _______ (live) here two months of the year.
We _______ (not/often/fly) by the plane.
_______ (you/believe) in God?
Where are you? I hope you _______ (have) a good time!
On Wednesdays, Nick (drive) _______ his kids to football practice.
Mom (shop) _______ all day long today!
This winter I (study) _______ German at a language school in Berlin. That is why I am in Berlin now.
Shhhhh! Be quiet! Our baby (sleep) _______.
Don't forget to take your umbrella. It (rain) _______.
That rose (smell) ______ great!
I hate living in London because it (rain, always) _______!
I'm sorry I can't hear what you (say) _______ because everybody is talking so loudly.
We (meet) _______ our friends yesterday.
_______ (you/hear) that strange noise in the garden yesterday?
_______(you/play) any musical instruments when you were a kid?
He _______ (work) a lot, but he doesn't now.
My aunt _______ (drink) coffee, but she doesn't now.
We _______ (be) in London last week.
When he was a kid he _______ (like) sweets.
Use the cues to complete the sentences with “used to”
She has short hair now. When she was young, she _______ long hair.
He doesn’t play football, but when he was at school he _______ football.
She is a hairdresser now. Five years ago she _______ a bus driver.
They live in New York now. Twenty years ago they _______ in Moscow.
I don’t watch TV anymore. Three years ago I _______ TV for hours.
Mike works hard. But 5 years ago things were different.
Write the sentences about Mike with “used to…”
Mike’s answers to the questions
Questions His answers 5 years ago Now
Do you do any sport? Yes, I do. I go to the gym three times a week. I have such a busy work. I don’t have time for anything
Do you go out in the evening? Yes, most evenings. Only at the weekend.
Do you play a musical instrument? Yes, I play the guitar. I’ve given it up.
Do you travel much? No, I don’t. I have too many business trips.
Do you like cheese? Yes, I really love it! I hate it!

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