Грамматический тест по английскому языку на употребление «Past Simple/Past Continuous/Past Perfect/Past Perfect Continuous»

Past Simple/ Past Continuous/ Past Perfect Continuous/ Past Perfect
Choose the correct answer.
I…over the phone when they brought me a letter.
a) talked b) had talked c) had been talking d) was talking
They…in the room when the taxi arrived.
a) sat b) had sat c) had been sitting d) were sitting
He quickly forgot everything he…at school.
a) learnt b) had learnt c) had been learning d) was learning
I visited Brazil in April. I… at a nice hotel for a fortnight.
a) stayed b) had stayed c) had been staying d) was staying
A man … unconscious for a few minutes when the ambulance arrived.
was b) had been c) had being d) were
And I began writing to you instead of going to the seaside, as I … before.
planned b) had planned c) had been planning d) was planning
First I … the phone, and then I read your letter.
answered b had answered c) had been answering d) was answering
I hardly … speaking with a porter when the plane rang again.
finished b) had finished c) had been finished d) was finishing
We …along a forest road for a few minutes when we saw a house.
walked b) had walked c) had been walking d) were walking
Alice closed the magazine and rose from the sofa on which she …for more than two hours.
lay b) had lain c) had been lying d) was lying
The musician … the piano for a whole hour when we came in.
played b) had played c) had been playing d) was playing
I …at the hotel for a fortnight when I received your letter.
stayed b) had stayed c) had been staying d) was staying
I saw a light in your window as I … by.
passed b) had passed c) had been passing d) was passing
That morning she went out after she …somebody.
phoned b) had phoned c) had been phoning d) was phoning
My dad always goes to work by car, but last week he … to work on foot.
went b) had gone c) had been going d) was going
Answer key: 1.d, 2.d, 3.b, 4.a, 5.b, 6.b, 7.a, 8.b, 9.c, 10.c, 11.c, 12.c, 13.d, 14.b, 15a.

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