Тест к Spotlight 4 Module 6

Теst к SPOTLIGHT 4 Module 6
Выбери нужное слово
Maya doesn’t / didn’t watch TV on Mondays.
Lida doesn’t/ didn’t cook lunch yesterday.
Does/ Did your little brother watch cartoons last night?
Do/ Did you always wash the dishes after lunch?
Do / Did you play games last night?
Причитай текст и выпиши из него глаголы в прошедшем времени.
It was Sunday yesterday. There were a lot of children in the park. Nina and Sasha played badminton. Tim wanted to fly the kite but it wasn’t windy. Sergey tried to ride his bike but he needed help. Maxim helped him to fix the bike. Victor panted his face and the children laughed. Their parents watched them.
Напиши, что это не так.
Образец: Lida watched TV last night. --- Lida didn’t watch TV last night.
Ann walked the cat yesterday.
Kate visited her grandpa last week.
They lived in Kiev last year.
Задай вопрос.
Образец: Seva lived in Toronto last year. --- Did Seva live in Toronto last year?
Kate talked to her friend last night.
We fixed our father’s car last week.
You watched cartoons last night.
Распредели слова в зависимости от правил чтения окончания --ed.
liked, loved, hated, wanted , stayed, cleaned, started, needed, worked, hoped, cried, opened, rested, baked, played, watched, looked, visited.
--ed/d/ /t/ /id/
Прочитай слова и найди их значение.
racer a)отдыхать
to laugh b)заяц
rest c) вдруг
winner d) бегун
suddenly e)далёкий
fast f)смеяться
far g) быстрый
hare h) победитель

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