Урок английского языка по теме: Контроль чтения и письма

Базовый уровень
5 класс
Once there lived a frog that had a very beautiful dress. The dress was golden-silvery. The frog was happy. She was so colorful that all the sea animals and fish swam around to look at her. The frog was very proud of herself. She thought that she was the most wonderful frog in the world. When other fish and reptiles floated to look at her, she didn’t talk to them. ”What a beauty she is! Her dress is shining like a star in the sky!”, said every fish that visited her. “No, her dress is shining like the sun!”, said the others. But the frog never came out of water and no one from the land could see her. The frog wanted to become more famous. She swam to the shore as quickly as she could. When she was on the shore she saw strange birds with long black beaks. They also had long white necks and long brown legs. The frog began to jump on the yellow sand. She wanted to show her beauty to those strange birds. But she didn’t know that they were herons. They wanted to eat the beautiful frog and the frog had to run away. When she was in water again, she felt cold. All the fish floated by without looking at her. The frog looked around and understood that she had lost her famous dress.
1.Прочитай текст. Выбери правильное окончание предложений согласно информации из текста. Отметь правильный ответ.
1) Once there lived a frog that had a very beautiful…
a) dress b) crown c) handbag2. The dress was…
a) green and shining
b) black and white
c) golden-silvery
3. The dress was shining like…
a) a rainbow
b) gold c) the start in the sky
4. Strange birds had…
a) white necks and brown tales
b) white heads and brown necks
c) white necks and brown legs
5. Strange birds were…
a) pigeons b) owls c) herons (цапли)
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