3 класс, грамматический тест

Лексико-грамматический тест 3 класс
Упр.1. Сделайте отрицательные предложения.
1. He can read.
2. She is sad.
3. I am a pupil.
4. They are students.
5. We have got a puppy.
7. Oleg can swim well.
8. They go home.
9. I sleep.
10. You can go to the cinema.

Упр.2 Закончите рассказ медвежонка Билли о себе. Используйте слова:
friends, nine, school, honey, write, together
I am Billy. I am _____. I go to the Green _______. I can read and ______. I like to have _____ for breakfast. I have got many ________. We go to school ______.

Упр.3 . Замените русские слова английскими.
I’ve got  ________ (брат). It’s his ___________           (день рождения). He is ___________ (двенадцать) today. He likes his (подарки). Он __________ (счастлив).
Упр.4. Замени единственное число множественным.
Sally has got an apple.
Alex has got a green ball.
Greg and Lucas have got a book, a pencil and a ruler.
Sandy and Meredith have got a bike and a car.
Упр. 5. Вставьте and, or или but.
Molly has got a cat ______ a dog.
Molly has got a friend, ______she hasn’t got a brother.
Is Molly’s bag under the desk______on the chair?
Is this a bike ______a car?
Упр 6. Заполните пропуски. Вставьте am, is, are, have, has    
Hi! My name (1) ______ Nick. I (2) _____ eight. I (3) _____ got a dad, a mum, a sister and a brother. My mother (4) ____ a teacher. She (5) _____ got many pupils. They (6) _______my friends. My father (7) ______a doctor. Не (8) ______ got a new car. My brother (9) _____ not a pupil. He (10) ______ four. He (11) _______ got many toys.
My sister (12) ______not a pupil. She (13) _____ a student. She (14) _____ got many books. We (15) ______ got a pet. It (16) _____ a kitten. His name (17) ___ Barsik. Barsik (18) _____ funny and nice. The kitten (19) ______ got a mouse. The mouse (20) _____ grey.

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